My Beetroot Experience – Green And Absolutely Delicious!

So on the 4th of October, 2016 (last week Tuesday) I was graced with a sumptuous opportunity to attend a Bloggers Taster Brunch hosted by So Me solutions which took place at the Beetroot Salad Bar across the food court over at the Palms Lekki, It my first experience and I totally loved it!unspecified-14

The Beetroot, The Palms, Lekki.

Beetroot is owned by Ehime Eigbe Akindelea, and it is a new generation health food chain specializing in salads, Sandwiches, Cold Press Juices, Smoothies, Fruit Bowls, Wraps (yummy!), Iced tea, Swirly roots, and Popsicles- Beetroot is solely interested in health and safety standards, and it is a sister company of the popular Sweet Kiwi!


As a young lady trying to survive in this hustle bustle of Lagos, eating healthy meals does not seem to appear on the food chart most mornings and nights. I mean you just want to munch on something and get it over with, and then promise yourself in your mind that you would do greens the next day. Lie!

Hence the first thought that came to my mind when I walked into Beetroot at the Palms Lekki just by the food court was…Wow!. All green! Then the question came to mind, are they all green for show?



Lets wait and see. So I picked a sit and sat down jejely, looking like Jona just come (my first time there).

But then on second thought, I decided to go over to the counter, the closer I moved there, the  warmer and greener it became, something kept warming up inside of me, until the the lady at the counter said with a wonderful smile “welcome to beetroot”. And then i sort of relaxed, it felt welcoming.

I introduced myself and told her I was here for the tasters Brunch. Her smile went to “automatic high range warmer smile”

What would you like to have she said. In my mind I was like everything! I mean they all looked so delicious and healthy, my stomach was rumbling for joy!


My Beetroot Meal

Ermm.. I thought. Then I asked her what the menu was. She showed it to me, and then confusion summoned. Not to allow my razz self disgrace me, I opted for a spinach wrap, with all sorts of assorted toppings, (i mean she just kept adding that and this), and with a Greenger Smoothie to down it.

First let me start with the spinach wrap. I love anything wraps, but we know how the normal wraps usually comes, heavily buttered, high calories..e.t.c.

This was different. It was green, and then to my utmost surprise it was delicious!!!

Am sure people looking at me, will just probably think this girl is faking it, with every bite my expression kept changing. Ehh..Delicious…fresh.. and healthy. Yummy!


The Veggies and Fruits

Seriously I love you beetroot, Thank you for “establishing yourself in my God-created state-Lagos!

Now to my Greenger smoothie, I had wanted to detox a few weeks back, but my lazy self kept postponing it. For those of you that know the taste, you would know that sometimes it doesn’t taste or look like the ones we copy them from..I don’t know. Maybe it’s the combination or But this was different, it had a sweet sour taste, and ofcourse once again, It tasted very very good. (I still crave for it!)


My Craving- The Greenger Smoothie!

Then I thought there must be a special beetroot secret ingredient…Lool..I mean how come they all taste so good!

And to add to my afternoon, I met pretty cool people there, had a great conversation, and a wonderful meal.

unspecified-13Cool People

I think that’s what a brunch should be all about!


L- R Nkem Okorafor (for Complete Fashion), Me, (For Lagos Mums), Nimide Ogbeun (for Style Vitae), Manager. Beetroot, Sisi Yemmie, Liz Osho (CEO, So Me Solutions), Towsyn Omowole, Moyo Jolaolu (Team So Me) and Torera Idowu (For Genevieve)


The Staff

All in all it was a wonderful experience, definitely going back there, and I recommend them 100%. They are affordable and delicious!

Fit fam Mums, DO NOT be left out!!!

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