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    ELOY AWARDS 2017 NOMINEES LIST The Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Awards is gradually drawing near and preparations are in full gear. ELOY Awards is an award that celebrates women doing exceptionally in their fields. The ELOY awards was birthed out of the need to celebrate women who have done well for…

Understanding Your Child's Develpmental Milestones From Age 0-24 Months

5 Parenting Principles Every Parent Should Know.

  There’s no single right way to raise a child successfully, and in fact no single way to define what a successful child-rearing experience is and so there’ll be times when things don’t go right, it is not how much time we spend with our kids that changes them, it is how well we spend…

Nov 11 Things to do GTB Fashion Weekend

Places To Hang Out with the Family This Weekend

GTBank Fashion Weekend The scene has been buzzing with non-stop fashion and art events and this weekend is going to take the cake. Last year, GTBank Fashion Weekend had a footfall of over 30,000 people over for just 2 days. There was shopping, runway and masterclasses that addressed challenges and opportunities across the entire industry value…

You Are Invited Mums- Greensprings Organizes Open House for Prospective Parents

You Are Invited Mums – Greensprings Organizes Open House for Prospective Parents

  Get To Know Us! Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child, and taking one’s time to explore educational options is important for any family or parent. Searching for the appropriate school for a child  can be a daunting task. Many parents rely simply on information online or…

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