How The Pandemic Has Affected Family Relationships

How has coronavirus and the pandemic affected family relations? Most families have been affected and the relationships have changed as a result.

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected some families; mostly by seperation, due to work schedules or just long distance. Young couples and new relationships might be suffering from the strain of physical distance as each person stays put with his or her own family, sometimes miles apart.

Effect on Family Distancing

Some relationships have improved while others have declined during the coronavirus outbreak. Extended families and other social relationships have separated geographically. On the other hand, nuclear families have been quarantined together in a sudden lockdown.

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For families that have good communication skills and had a good relationship before the pandemic they are able to manage the changes. For families that were struggling before the lockdown, they have been more negatively affected.

Effect on Intimate Relationships

While couples face many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, their marriage does not have to hurt. Many relationships are strengthened by jointly overcoming adversity. It is the human connection that gets us through the pandemic and sustains us as we build a new normal together. Despite these stressors, spouses who communicate when solving problems, are the type of supportive partners needed. These partners are more able to engage in positive interactions despite the stresses of the epidemic and are more likely to maintain a good relationship.

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Young couples in new relationships might suffer the strain of physical distance. With each person being protected in their own homes, sometimes miles apart.

Effects on Children

In these uncertain times, parents have the added stress of keeping their children busy and connected with friends and family; all while social distancing and staying home to slow the spread of the virus. Managing home and children and dealing with the effects of the pandemic generally takes a toll on the whole family.

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Encourage children to engage in extracurricular activities. This when done right will have a positive effect. Allowing your children go grow outside of academics.Chdren at home during the pandemic creates another whole dimension of family unity. This along with work stress where one or both parents are trying to work from home.

In these strange and difficult times, it is also worth considering more ways to protect relationships. Think outside the box and try various ways to manage all emotions and feelings at this time. While you take steps to protect yourself from getting the virus, remember to prioritize your family relationships as well.

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