Pictures and Highlights From The 3rd Annual LagosMums Parenting Event

Pictures and highlights from Saturday December 17th when LagosMums held the 3rd Annual Parenting and Networking Event #LMEvent2016 at The Radisson Blu Hotel in V.I, Lagos. The event was full to capacity with registered attendees, we had mostly mums in attendance but also as has become the norm in recent years a few dads were present as well.

Guests were welcomed with a gift pack from our sponsors Pampers, Today’s Woman and Working Moms magazine at the registration desk. The event kicked off with opening prayers by Mrs Layo Ayoola followed by an opening speech from Mrs. Yetty Williams – founder of Lagosmums.

The speakers this year included, the moderator, Titi Oyinsan, on air Nation builder and founder of I am Dynamite Network. Rolayo Akhigbe, a holistic finance specialist, who brings effective financing tips to her audience with practical insights. Bola Balogun, a mother of five and the CEO of Glam Networks. Molade Adeniyi, head of business development at Health Plus as well as working on her passion to be a public speaker. Lastly, Yetty Williams, Founder and CEO, LagosMums joined the line-up of speakers this year to lead the discussion on how mums can balance it all.

Mrs Bola Balogun, Speaking on Keeping it real as parents

Molade Adeniyi

Molade Adeniyi, Speaking on Why your Well-Being Matters

Titi Oyinsan

Titi Oyinsan, Moderator

LagosMums attendees

Interactive Session at the LagosMums event

The Speakers – L to R, Titi Oyinsan, Bola Balogun, Yetty Williams, Rolayo Akhigbe, Molade Adeniyi
LagosMums founder Yetty Williams

Yetty Williams, Outfit by Xclamations, Makeup by House of Tara

Highlights from the event

Well-being is not just about health, well-being includes physical and mental health. Stress is a form of mental imbalance and mums need to find ways to balance and ease the stress and demands of life. – Molade Adeniyi.

As a parent, do not let anyone tell you how your child should be. Parenting needs to be deliberate and you need to be intentional about the types of children you want to raise. Do not let the world raise your children for you. – Bola Balogun

The question on whether work-life balance exists will always be there, we have many demands and so we need to make the right kind of sacrifices during different seasons in our lives. We can strive for work-life integration so that your different demands make room for each other. Know what your priorities are and have a support system in place as you cannot do it all alone. – Yetty Williams

LagosMums speaker Rolayo Akhigbe

Mrs Rolayo Akhigbe, speaking on Finance and You

Life can be unpredictable and so women must face the reality of planning for their financial future. You should start by understanding your money mind set and what money means to you. When you sort this out you can start to plan for the future you want. Financial matters is not gender specific, so women get involved. – Rolayo Akhigbe

Interactive Q & A Session

The question and answer session enabled a lot of LagosMums to share their personal struggles raising their children and get advice from the speakers and other attendees. Questions around peer pressure, the influence of the internet and social media, nutrition challenges when to discuss sex with children and so many other topics were raised and addressed during the engaging question and answer session.

LagosMums speaker gifts courtesy Owambe Candles

Speaker Gifts, Courtesy of Hajara Pitan, Owambe Candles


The giveaway segment of the event saw mums win shopping vouchers from Supermartng. The speakers got lovely hampers courtesy of Hajara Pitan, founder of Owambe Candles. 

We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors TW Magazine, Working Moms magazine and Pampers. The event was covered by SilverBird TV, BattaBox and photography by FotoLight House. Sponsors included Radisson Blu, CIS, 8191 Solutions and West African Book Publishers Ltd. Media partners Guardian, Pulse TV and BellaNaija, Outfit for Yetty Williams provided by Xclamations and makeup courtesy of House of Tara. Thank You!

Helen Ihonre, a representative of FirstGem, the first gender-based product from First Bank Nigeria introduced and described the benefits of the FirstGem account for women. The event was rounded off by Mr. Labi Williams, the husband of LagosMums founder, who thanked the attendees, speakers and sponsors of the event.

There was some shopping led by kidpreneurs, Temitope and Folahan, from the collection Tee and Olah, a clothing line for children.

LagosMums Kidpreneurs

Thank you all for attending!

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