Preparing For Your Baby’s Arrival

Baby Preparation Strategies

The period between conception and child birth is a very critical period. Necessary planning is needed to make this experience worthwhile. Most first time mums are at sea when it comes to issues on how to prepare for their incoming babies, most especially when they don’t have anyone with pre and post pregnancy experience around them. Here are a few tips that can help you plan ahead towards the coming of your unborn child.


Prepare The Baby Nursery

baby preparation

Set up the crib, wash the sheets, and put any finishing touches on the room décor. Depending on your taste you can keep it simple but extremely unique. Baby unique colours are an added advantage here depending on the sex of the child involved. At this point you could call in a home decorator or just decorate the room yourself. Make sure the nursery is highly baby friendly and all tentatively harmful objects are done away with.

Stock the Baby cupboard and diaper changing table

baby preparation


With the different varieties of baby wears and items available for your baby, you can never have too much of baby things around you. It’s also good idea to have several different sizes and brands of diapers on hand since you won’t be sure of your baby’s size until he/she arrives. Plus, you may find that certain brands fit better or are more absorbent. Don’t forget other necessities like baby wipes, cotton balls, and washcloths.

Wash Baby’s clothes

baby preparation

All the baby clothes that have been bought in preparation of the unborn child should be washed now. Use a gentle detergent that is free of perfumes and dyes to wash your newborn’s clothes before she wears them. This helps to remove any irritating chemicals used during manufacturing. You can later switch to regular detergent and include your baby’s clothes in the family wash as long as he/she doesn’t have sensitive skin.

Get ready for guests

baby preparation

You know the your mother, mother in law and other family concerned family members are coming to visit (obviously because of the post pregnancy care you will receive). Now is the time to wash the sheets for the guest bed and make some room in the closet and dresser for grandma’s things. At this point a general clean up is needed to make your would be guest very very comfortable.

Install the car seat

baby preparation

For mums who have a car and  will be driving themselves about or won’t be in the position to carry their babies when they are in the car, a baby car seat is best for this.Have a professional child car seat technician inspect the car seat to ensure proper installation. Most times accidents occur when baby car seats are not properly fixed into the car seats.

Fill in the baby book blanks

baby preparation

Get a head-start on the baby book by completing the family tree section or writing a letter to your baby about your pregnancy experience or your dreams for her. Take pictures and also videos of the various stages of the pregnancy. This way when your baby is older he/she can know what you experienced when they were in your tummy.

Get your other kids involved in the whole pregnancy issue too

baby preparation

Their is a tendency for children to feel neglected when their parents are about to have another child. This period would be the best to foster a strong sibling relationship between the children. Activities like asking the child to talk to the baby in your stomach, feeling and listening to the baby movements in the stomach at various phases of the pregnancy would go a long way to form interpersonal relationships with the child and his/her younger ones.


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