Recipe – How to Make Etikeni Mmong Ikong

Our recipe this week is how to make Ekikeni Mmong Ikong; a recipe taken from DooneysKitchen, Dunni is a food enthusiast with the most amazing recipes. Etikeni Mmong Ikong is a delicacy nicknamed the Efik E.M.I and cousin to Edikang Ikong which is basically a mix of Waterleaf and Uziza leaf. The soup has an aromatic flavour from the first bite to the last.

Do not be dissuaded by the name, it is easy to prepare, just follow the simple steps and you are on your way to enjoying the tantalising dish of Etikeni Mmong Ikong.



2 bunches of Uziza

4 Bunches of Water Leaf

Assorted Meats



Stock Fish

Smoked Fish

Snails- Optional



Seasoning Cubes


3-5 Pieces of Yellow Pepper

  1. Season and boil your assorted meat, half way through add the smoked fish to the pot to allow it to soften. Let the meat boil till there is almost no water (beef stock) left in the pot. Once you have achieved this add roughly blended/ pounded yellow pepper and stir.
  2. When the meat from the stock has reduced significantly till it is almost dry, chop the two vegetables separately, thinly and rinse; keep aside briefly.
  3. Note that the leaves start to turn to mulch very quickly after rinsing and will reduce into a pool of water in your soup. As a result, be sure that the leaves are the last thing you chop before you start cooking so that the leaves are still intact before they get into the pot.
  4. Add the palm oil to the pot. Start with 2-3 cooking spoons.
  5. Add the crayfish and the periwinkle then stir. During this time the liquid content of the pot should have further reduced.
  6. Add the chopped waterleaf and stir until they start wilting.
  7. Now add the uziza leaves, stir and give it a few minutes to wilt. There should be no water left in the pot.
  8. In about two minutes the aroma will hit you, and you will know that you are on to something. If you got your stock right from the early stages you shouldn’t need to re-season. This dish will be one of the highlights of your cooking this year.

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