Recipe of the Week – Corn Pudding (Ekoki)

The recipe of the week is corn pudding also known as Ekoki. Learn how to make this and add to your Nigerian menu timetable. This is a recipe to try before the corn season is over. This dish is enjoyed by both Nigerians and Cameroonians. 🤔 The source of this week’s recipe is from foodie 1qfoodplatter.

The corn is blended coarsely. It can also be pounded, pounding gives a slightly different texture from blending. You can use banana leaves or moin moin leaves to wrap.

See steps below for how to make corn pudding

4 corn cub (ground)

1 Mackerel Fish (steamed and flaked)

1 cup diced fresh shrimp

2 cooking spoons tomato

1 medium size onion


1 cooking spoon palm oil

2 seasoning cubes

2 cooking spoons water

salt to taste

Banana leaves


Peel corn using a knife to slice off the kernel

Blend with a little water. Leave it coarse

Heat up oil, fry the onion, tomato, pepper, fish and shrimp to make a sauce

Add salt to taste (and seasoning)

Then add the sauce to the corn paste and mix well

Add water and taste

Wrap mixture in banana leaves and steam (like Moin Moin)

Watch Video on How to make Corn Pudding



Have a great weekend.

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