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How School Affects a Child’s Gifts And Talent

The school that a child attends affects and goes a long way in encouraging every child’s gifts and talents. It is important for your child’s school environment to create the right enabling environment for your child to excel in their interests.

Studies have shown that the average student does not see students with higher – than average – learning rates as role models. Many of these “gifted” students can infact get low grades because they are not involved in proper learning to develop their gifts.

chilren in school

With gifted education and continuous resources and support; studies have shown that gifted children perform much better than the general population. Special school programmes for the talented have clearly positive effects, but you can decide for yourself which school is best for your child.

How can we help gifted and talented students improve themselves; so that they can reach their full potential while receiving inclusive teaching?

Understanding their Learning Process

Teachers can provide tools and resources to students who are clearly talented in an inclusive environment. Teachers should have a good understanding of how different children learn. Also, how to identify their strengths and weaknesses and how these affect their ability to learn and succeed.

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For example, students whose mathematical skills go far beyond other areas of development may have difficulty adapting to situational contexts.

An Environment That Accommodates All Their Needs

Many parents and teachers do not realize that children can be intellectually gifted but can also have learning disabilities. A combination that is twice described as exceptional. Intellectually gifted children, especially those with special needs, often have a hard time at school.

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Special needs can be hidden by gifts, which are also hidden behind academic skills due to; lack of attention to detail, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other mental disorders. Gifted children with ADHD need fast learning to work on logic skills that support a faster pace. Gifted students need programs that nurture their talents while taking into account their weaknesses.

Make Every Child Feel Special

Common problems for gifted children are lack of attention to detail, lack of communication skills, or poor understanding of the world around them. Without understanding and support; gifted children find themselves in situations where conformity is valued, and they are confronted with negative reactions.

Intellectually gifted children differ from their peers in; their ability to learn, their social skills and their classroom skills. [Read also: “Gifted and Talented Children”]

Sometimes many gifted students knowingly fail to achieve their goals due to lack of acceptance from others. However, there may be other reasons; such as a lack of self-esteem or a sense of entitlement.

Continuous Assessment of a Child’s Development

Standardized tests of skills and performance can help to find out the high academic performance of children and adolescents. Support at home and at school is necessary if a gifted child is to develop as a talented child.

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Children can achieve a high level of expertise if they are willing to work and learn with those who develop their skills. This is regardless of how gifted they are, but they must maintain their own need to succeed.

Adequate Extracurricular Activities

While intellectual ability is partly genetic; children from families where a child is considered academically gifted are also likely to be gifted. Although many cultures have nurtured and sought after talents in music athletics; often misjudged is high intellectual ability.

Parents should encourage their children to engage in extracurricular activities. Especially those that expose them to other benefits like teamwork, discipline, grit, focus. When a child can find different forms of expression both inside and outside the classroom; this child is able to develop in a wholesome way.

Other factors that can influence performance include self-learning, self-confidence and the ability to adapt. Children who are exposed to the right information and whose learning styles are encouraged will always perform well.

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