School Feature: Olashore International School

 What is the name of your school and where/when was it founded

Name of the school is Olashore International School located in Iloko-Ijesa, The school feature for this month is Olashore International School.

Where is the school located?

Olashore is located in Osun State, Iloko-Ijesa specifically.

Please give details of your staff/administration?

The staff is led by Mr. D.K Smith, the Principal; C.E.O and Mr. John Osun state. It was founded in 1994 by HRM Oba Oladele Olashore. Toscano, Vice Principal & amp; Head of School. The school boast of a strong academic of committed, inspired and highly qualified teachers and non-academic staff of proven professionals, the school’s facility is maintain by the facility management team that ensure that the school maintains and improves on its standards.

Olashore International School

Ratio of kids to teachers

The ratio of students to teachers is about 8 students to one teacher.

Number of children in the school and its capacity

The school currently holds about 410 students but has a capacity to accommodate 600 students.

What age range are your students and classes

All intending candidates into Year 7 must be at least 10 years old in the month September of the year in view. This implies that graduating students in year 12 would be at least 16 years old.

What is the curriculum/ Teaching methodology

Olashore International School is a six year college that offers both national and international curriculum. We follow the West African Examination Council and Cambridge International Examination curriculum. Olashore is also an accredited test center for selected American College Board Tests including PSAT, SAT and ACT. The teachers adopt the active teaching/learning methods that involves the active participation of students.

olashore international school

Extra-curricular activities available? School Hours and any after school services offered?

Olashore is a full boarding school that runs 24hrs.However, there is a clear distinction between academic and non-academic activities. Extra-curricular activities include music and performing arts (drama and dance), learning beyond the class (local and international trips) from trips to Republic of Benin, South Africa, Dubai, U.K and France to Olumirin Waterfall, the Erin-Ijesa waterfall and Tinapa.

What is the admission process? Deadline/ is it rolling

a. Olashore International School has supplementary examination scheduled to hold in various locations in the Country. This is an opportunity for prospective candidates secure admission if successful at the examination. Regarding deadline for admission, prospective candidates will be put on a waiting list and offered admission based of availability of space in their desired class.

Tuition, is there a payment plan for the pupils?

With a budget of about N3,000,000.00, all fees for the first year of admissions will be covered. The second year will not include certain one-off payments such as acceptance fees. There is a payment plan structure in place and more information on this will be made available by school upon request.

How do you access students’ progress?

The school has introduced GL assessment which is a cognitive ability test that helps the teacher benchmark the possible outcome of each students performs in examinations that they are expected to take. The benchmark and actual results are compared and analyzed in order for the appropriate intervention programme is deployed for each child. The school also administers two continuous assessment test and one term examination to assess student’s progress.

Discipline methods?

The school has clearly spelt out rules and regulations and highlights the consequences of not following them. Penalties are handed accordingly.

 Prince Abimbola Olashore, Mr Derek Smith and Chief Mrs Alimi

Prince Abimbola Olashore, Mr Derek Smith and Chief Mrs Alimi

Do you offer a school bus service?

Olashore International School is a full boarding should and therefore does not require a daily bus system. However, there are bus service from various states that deliver the students that are signed up from these locations (Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt) on resumption days and return them at the end of each term.

Any other information you would like to share?

Aside, from the well-structured secondary school education, Olashore International School also ensures that all its students have the opportunity of a clear path way to top universities in the U.K through are University Foundation Progarmme in partnership with Lancaster University, U.K and most recently The Institute of Education, Dublin which targets intending medical science students.

What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

Parents that desire to enroll their children in a school that promotes Nigerian morals and cultural values while developing leaders for the 21 st century should definitely consider Olashore International School. With a strong academic track record and emphasis on instilling 21 st century competences in each child as they are nurtured to their full potential with a clear path to top universities through our foundation programme, Olashore offer international standard education which is the Olashore Edge. This has been the testimony of our alumni and parents.

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How is your school preparing children for learning and operating in the 21 st  century?

From the school’s mission statement you can tell that Olashore places a lot of emphasis on preparing its students to be able to adapt to life in the 21 st century. The Olashore International School mission statements says Olashore International School is a learning community committed to academic excellence, nurturing each child to their full potential in a safe and serene environment, developing leaders for the dynamic global society in the 21 st century. Olashore is introducing 21 st century competencies.

The school will be rolling out iPads for learning with the incoming set of year 7 students in this 2016/17 academic session. These iPads are just tools for learning and are seen no different from student’s pen or paper. There will be very strict monitoring and control in place in order to avoid any form of distractions to learning. The school also initiated a Leadership curriculum focuses on the Social Change Model of Leadership. This is a theory that aligns with that of school because Olashore believes that “Change is a constant factor in life and education should encourage in students the development of values”. In addition to these, the school also teaches essential skills for the 21st century. That is, Critical Thinking; Problem Solving, Collaboration; Communication, Creativity; Imagination, Global Citizenship, Digital Literacy and finally Student Leadership and Personal Development

How do we contact you for more information?

For further information on applying for the entrance examination, call +2348077124311, +2348100084511 or email [email protected]

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