School Feature: Children’s Nest Creche

School Feature: Children’s Nest Creche

Childrens nest Please introduce yourself and your background?

My name is Marian Ovbiagele; I am a chartered accountant with over 10 years work experience with auditing firms in England and Nigeria.

 How did you decide to start a School? 

My passion to raise the standards of professional childcare in Nigeria was the major motivating force behind my decision to set up Children’s Nest.

 What is the name of the School and when was it founded?

 Children’s Nest Crèche opened in 2013. It was set up to be a home away from home for children between the ages of 3 months and 3 years.

 Please give details of your staff/administration?

I operate an open door policy and work full time personally at the crèche daily. Our team comprises of teachers who are Montessori trained and caregivers with several years of childcare experience.

 What is the curriculum/teaching methodology?

We teach the children using a combination of the Montessori and British curriculum and for the age group we cater to, this is mainly achieved through the ‘play way’ method.

 What is the Ratio of Teacher to Students?

The ratio of teachers to children is in keeping with the recommended British standard.Childrens nest

 What is the admission process? 

As a mum with young children, I am in touch with current child training methods. As such, our selection process is based on personal relationships that we develop with each parent.

What makes your school different? 

We have both regular (formal) and informal sessions with parents both to offer feedback to parents on the progress of their Precious Little Jewels (PLJs) – as we like to refer to them, and also for sharing childcare tips and tricks!

We recently opened a music school run by Mr. Godspower PreGee. His team’s depth of experience has been ‘instrumental’ in attracting several young children over the years to benefit from the array of 14 musical devices which they are skilled at playing.  Mr. Pregee’s set-up on the Crèche premises, combined with his teams unique children-training skill set has afforded his team the opportunity to ‘record’ even more successes with young children in recent months.

When choosing a Crèche for your Precious little Jewel the following should be given careful consideration: The orientation of the Crèche staff, the Crèche philosophy and their childcare standards.

 How can parents contact you for more information? Or to schedule a visit to the school?

We are open Mondays to Friday’s from 7am to 7pm. Feel free to call us to make enquiries and/or book an appointment on 01-4547480 and 07086458765. The school is located at  Plot D51, Landbridge Road, Millennium Estate, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.

 Childrens nest creche


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