Taking Control of My Day

I used to think that taking control of my day was not something I could easily achieve neither did I know how to go about it. I was struggling with getting enough sleep, a long To-Do list per day and it did not seem that 24 hours was enough. I had to find time to be a mother, to get my job done, to pray, to exercise, to take care of the house and so many things. I kept feeling that God was not getting the level of priority that he deserved and I kept feeling guilty!

My routine was actually jump up when the alarm goes off. Scramble to get myself ready for work and get the children ready for school. We seemed to always be rushing while trying to make it out of the house and get the children to school on time for 7.30am resumption. I am sure there are many people who feel the same way, how are we supposed to get everything done within 24 hours?

too busyAfter all, if God gave us 24hours in a day then these hours are supposed to be enough for us. I felt that I was just too busy and did not feel I was spending the amount of time I needed to with God. You know the saying that says if you are too busy to spend time with God, then you are busier than God intends for you to be.

So I took a stand and decided enough is enough I have to change something.

I decided to start somewhere and decided to see what I can change to have more time for and with God! So how have I done it?

I go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and spend the first 30 minutes of my day praying before the days activities take over.

  • Learn to Stop – Whatever you cannot finish can be continued tomorrow. The truth is most of us are not disciplined to do what matters the most first, or figure out the true priority is. Everything seems to be important and needs to be done now! This is just not true.
  • Start the day with prayer – I wake up slowly and start with praying in the spirit before i start the day. There is something about starting the day meditating, praying and connecting with God to order the day. Speaking into your day and aligning with Gods will is critical before you just start doing and running around.

The day will still have its up and downs so why not commit it all into God’s hands? The truth is there are many things we will face on a daily basis and it is important to understand we cannot do it all alone. Spending time in silence and being still before God brings peace and a certain calmness all day.

So before driving for five minutes and someone cuts in front of you on the road…you are able to just let it run like water off a ducks back rather than blaring the horn.

Try it, decide to start your day with God and you will feel more in control of your day!

 photo source: imgarcade.com 
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