Situational Tuesday- Sibling Rivalry

Ranti heard her name for the third time; this time around she rolled her eyes. She knew exactly why she was being called.


The story hasn’t changed much, even though she was older, and the first child of the family, everyone always seemed to like Tade more; Tade is fine, Tade is intelligent, Tade is courteous, bla bla bla and of course Tade is a boy! She rolled her eyes again the more she thought of this. If only they all knew that their so called precious son wasn’t so wonderful. Sometimes she wished he wasn’t her brother. He even scared her sometimes because he knew he could get away with anything. Although he was her junior brother and 3 years younger he was everyone’s favorite, yet he was such a bully. In her thoughts she always pitied the woman that would eventually become his wife. As she stepped into the sitting room, she almost collided with her mother whose angry face could scare even the meanest lions away. Tade was sitting, looking perfect on the sofa, she saw the pity in her father’s face as he also just watched – so she braced herself for the worst wondering what she did wrong this time. “Mummy you called me”? her mother looked straight at her and asked – “Ranti why did you not serve your brothers food?”, from where she stood she could see Tade’s wicked smile beaming at her. Even before she could reply she felt a sharp pain and her mother’s hand pulling her ears like they should fall off. He would pay for this, she swore, writhing in pain. Ranti sighed and thought it really isn’t fair to be treated like this just because a boy is a King and the girl is meant to cater to him?

Mums and dads are you guilty of this action where you seem to place your son above your daughters? Or one child over the other? We are talking about sibling rivalry and sometimes it is caused by parents who clearly prefer one child over the other. Read : sibling rivalry and five effective tips


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