School Fee Increase & The Economy

The current economic climate in Nigeria today has made some companies lay off their staff while some schools had to increase school fees, feeding and school bus transportation fare in order to keep the school open.  With this recent development, we at the Lagosmums in the light of parents preparing for school resumption carried out an interview with Mrs.  Ronke Adeniyi the proprietress of posh babies and Mrs. Enimien Etomi Inegbedion proprietress of Arcadia Montessori school and kids club. Please enjoy.

Video Interview with Ronke Posh of Poshbabiesandkids

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Interview with Enimien Inegbedion of Arcadia Montessori school and kids club

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Enimien Inegbedion; I am the proprietress of Arcadia Montessori school and kids club.

What inspired you to start up a Montessori?

I started the school because I wanted children to  be  able to learn how to be  independent  and think for themselves, and the Montessori is the  most  interesting  way  of teaching kids within the ages of 1-5  to be independent.

How does the economic climate affect households?

The exchange rate keeps increasing and there is no salary increment, so the income gotten is giving less of what you have in the past, so I think people are becoming conscious about how they spend money and figuring out where best to invest their money in. so I think there will be an impact on the spending.

Being that Arcadia school started some few weeks ago, how will you structure your activities in the school to fall in line with the current economic climate?

We are going to be organic and work with the parents, then think about the expenses to cover for the school and price appropriately. We have to think about parents and how much they are willing to spend by working hand in hand with them. We all know that if you charge too much you won’t get clients so I  have to be very careful about balance between what I need to earn for  the school to stay open and what parents need to be able to survive with the current economic situation.

How best can parents ensure value for money when it comes to choosing school for their children?

I think that you need to figure out what is important to you and what your values are in your home. If you value academics you need to find out what the school does, so you have to cut back on other things and put education as priority. For my father education was more important, so some things have to take priority and backseat. If parents go to the schools and check by asking questions about the values and morals they want for their child, then they can decipher whether or not the school is providing value for what they are paying for.

How can parents place the amount of money paid and value of education received by their children?

They can do a survey by comparing the school with other schools that provide the same value what they charge. But a lot of times people should look at their pockets based on what they can afford for the child and what is the best available school for that amount. I don’t think people should compare their ward with other children rather they should compare schools.

Arcadia is a Montessori, is not large I like it because is small and cozy so we take certain number of children not more than forty to be able to offer them special care. We don’t compare children with others intellectually but rather to the curriculum and making sure they grow up to be independent learners who love to learn and think for their selves that is the goal.

We hope this would help our mums in understanding some of the decisions made by most of these schools.

Also that it would help you to make some salient decisions when it comes to changing your kids school. Here are few tips you should consider when changing your kids school.






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