A to Z of Parenting Tips: Teach Children Importance of Unity

Our A to Z parenting tips continues this week with teaching children the importance of unity. Our last post discussed how to teach our children about  Temperance.



Children should be taught Family Values

Children learn best when they know what the family values are and they are clear on what it is. Explain what the importance of unity is, unity as a family, with their siblings. Having a united front means being joined together and being able to stand together. The home front is the first place where a child gets a sense of belonging and learns the importance of caring about others and making decisions that affect everybody.

Set Good Examples As Parents

As parents, guardians, uncles, aunties we should always set a good example for all the children we come in contact with. What children learn from should model unity and harmony. Do they see their parents arguing with themselves openly or do they see rampant family discord and disagreements? If what they experience is discord they will naturally tend to feel that harmonious relationships with people are not necessary or possible. We all know that conflict situations are inevitable, it is the way we manage the situation (especially in front of children) that matters the most. This should be both through our language and actions.

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Set Up Your Children In Situations Where They Can Learn To Appreciate Unity

There is a common saying “ United we stand, Divided we Fall”. A child should be set up in situations that will teach them the very essence of unity and how to maximize it in situations. Unity should not give the license for the child to be influenced negatively. Unity in a positive sense encourages team-work and sharing responsibilities. Negative influence should not be encouraged and this is where unity for good should be discussed and embraced. We as parents have to use our discretion at this point to decipher what is wrong and what is right.

Nature Is a Good Example

There are many examples of ‘unity in diversity’ in nature. Take for example the birds of the air and how they flock together, the ants of the field and how they build together. Each ant has a separate and uniquely defined duty yet they carry out the duties with harmony. As they grow understanding that evenyone has a part to play in fostering unity, they will have a clear understanding of what is required of them.

God Loves It When We Live in Unity

Gods desire is for all his children to love themselves. We should strive to reach that stage where our love for each other is selfless, only then can we claim that we love the way God loves. We must always teach our children about God and his expectations for them to live a truly blessed and fruitful life here on earth. Sunday school attendance for our younger ones is a good way to sow the seeds of learning the right values. Its good we catch them young.

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