School Of The Month Feature – Belle Meade Nursery School

This June 2018, as part of our ongoing school of the month feature series,  we present to you Belle Meade Nursery school and what makes it an outstanding school for parents to consider while looking for a good school for their children.

Belle Meade Nursery School

What is the name of your school, and when was it founded?

Belle Meade Nursery School. It was founded in April, 2018

Please give details of your staff/ administration?

Our staff profile includes experienced, well trained teachers from top institutions of learning. The school has the Center director, Head of admin/operations, nursery head teacher, nursery and playgroup teachers and care givers in the baby class. We also have other support staff.

Belle Meade Nursery School

What is the ratio of kids to teachers?

In the baby class(crèche) 3babies to 1 care giver, while in Nursery it’s 5 toddlers to 1 teacher

What is the age range of your students?

Children from 3months to 5years

Belle Meade Nursery School

What is the curricular/ teaching methodology to be adopted?

Belle Meade adopts the early childhood education program (American Curriculum) for our nursery classes and an infusion of the learn through play for our 0-3 yrs

Belle Meade Nursery School

Are there Extra-curricular activities available? School Hours and any after school services offered?

We are opened from 7am to 6pm (early drop (6am) off available on request), our students are welcome to join any or more of our clubs which are
math’s club, science club, chess club, reading club, karate club and arts club. There is so much fun and learning going on in our clubs.

After school program is available for in house students or students from other schools. Our after school program includes Homework tackling, Reading club, arts and crafts club, and sports

Belle Meade Nursery School

What is the admission process? Deadline/ is it rolling?

Admission process for crèche through playgroup is done all year round.

Admission into Nursery is done every quarter. Parents seeking admission for their children into baby/playgroup classes can do so anytime of the year while for Nursery admission is done in the months of August, January and April.

Admission process will begin for Nursery classes in August 2018, please call our lines 09021119909, or visit our school to learn get all the forms and complete all the necessary registration process

Tuition? Is there a payment plan for the pupils?

Yes, we understand the economy and how it affects parents generally, so we have a flexible payment system. Parents can pay monthly, or per term.
We also have the weekly payment plan for our mother’s day out program and for crèche and playgroup classes

Belle Meade Nursery School

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How do you access student’s progress?

We monitor our baseline for each child and every month we compare our development, teaching and skill goals set for the child.

Through the parents and teacher’s partnership we are able to communicate and follow up on each child while accessing feedback from parents and deploying tools needed to achieve all set goals for the full progress of all our students

What are the Disciplinary methods adopted?

Every child is different and no one style of discipline fits all. Our teachers are trained to handle conflicts and children melt down and bad behavior using various techniques that will be appropriate at the time and may not necessarily be used the same way again in another situation with the same child.

A child may not be allowed to play with favorite toys in class, a private talk with the child, a time out, etc are methods used.

Belle Meade Nursery School

What separates Belle Meade Nursery School from the rest?

We provide a safe and warm environment with the right tools for learning and an environment filled with love, warmth and fun. Both our children and parents enjoy a great experience, and fantastic customer service.

Our students experience love and form friendships with one another and become a member of our school family.

Does the school offer a school bus service?

At the moment we do not offer a school bus service.

Is there any other information you would like to share?

One of our services is the Mother’s day out. This service is for nursing mothers, business owners, home makers etc. So you need to get to the presentation meeting, go for a training, go to the market/shopping, or need some time to just rest for a while?

Belle Meade Nursery School

You are welcome to bring your child/children to Belle Meade Nursery for a day or two so you can get things done and be at peace that your children are in safe hands and been taken care off. Payment is done daily or weekly. To find out more about this service, please give us a call.

What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

Parents who want quality, who desire a clean and safe environment, who are looking for a school where they as parents are also welcome, who want a school where the right teaching tools and resource materials are used, where children are treated with love and respect, where children are taught to research, think and ask questions. For all discerning parents that want all of the above, you are welcome with open arms to join Belle Meade Nursery school.

How will your school prepare children for learning and operating in the 21st century?

One of our main focus is to involve our children in STEM classes from their early years. Learning about science, technology, engineering and Maths as early as possible will be of great benefit in shaping the mind of our students to understand better the world they live in.

We are building innovators, leaders, tech gurus and creative minds at Belle Meade Nursery School

How do we contact you for more information? Or to schedule a visit to the school?

Belle Meade is located at No 3, Sesan Awonoiki street, Bakare Estate, Agungi. Lekki.
Telephone line- 09021119909
Email- [email protected]

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