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End Of School Year Prayer

The children are starting to round up the school year and I liked these series of prayers I came across for the end of school year prayer. Your children can adapt and turn it into prayers that suit them, but it is a great idea to pray for the end of the school year. Most people remember to pray at the beginning of something or at the start of the school year.

End of school year prayer


Thank you for our school
Thank you for the fun we have with friends
Thank you for the opportunity to learn
Thank you for the new experiences we enjoy
Thank you for clubs and sports
Thank you for caring teachers



May God’s blessing go with us today

End of school year blessing for teachers and children

May God’s blessing go with us today,
At the end of this school year we pray.
That you keep us safe and give us rest
So we start again renewed and refreshed.
Full of health, full of fun
Ready to come and learn again.

May God’s blessing go with us today,
As we begin our school holiday.
Give your peace and your joy,
To every girl and every boy.
Help the teachers to enjoy the break,
and prepare and plan for the new intake.

May God’s blessings await us next year,
To embrace each new challenge without fear.
Fill this school with your love,
and guide our hearts from above.
Full of faith, full of hope,
full of joy, and full of love.


A classroom prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our school. We pray it would be a safe place of learning, fun and friendship. Please watch over all our teachers, children and families.

Help us to learn new things, to explore the world together and to play and be happy.

Help us to have love for each other, to have forgiveness at our heart, and to build kindness into every day.


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