Tips For Setting Family Goals

Here are some tips for setting family goals

Every new year most people bring out their journals or notes to set some New Year goals. As part of a family when you set goals they are bound to affect the other members of the family. Therefore it is a good idea to set some of your goals together.

A good place to start is to spend some time reviewing the past year and use this to determine goals. [Read: 3 Ways to take stock and review your year]

Make goals time bound

There are many advantages to setting goals. It is easier to overcome the inertia, fear, backsliding, distractions and all the other things that stop you from achieving your goals when you have someone who holds you accountable. Setting a timeframe for your goals and actively pursuing it makes them a reality.

Setting Goals as a Family

The advantage of setting goals as a family is that you have one of the best support groups you can have. Setting goals as a family brings everyone on board, encourages togetherness and gives everyone common goals to work towards.

Setting goals as a family brings everyone on board, encourages togetherness and gives everyone common goals to work towards. Click To Tweet

Family goals can either be personal and shared with the family or set as a family.

Personal Goals – You can set up personal goals and share them with the other members of the family. When you do this you get your own in-house cheerleaders to support and encourage you. While we were setting ours, our primary school-aged children volunteered two goals – one being to stop using our phones/laptops so much and the other being to start exercising! #PointTaken.

Family Goals – This takes everyone’s interest on board and makes it a collective goal. For example, a family goal could be to have dinner together. Below are some examples of setting goals.

2019 family goals

Tips for Setting Family Goals for Meal Times

Goal – To have dinner together without devices.

Reality – Take into account all the realities of life, e.g. traffic, work, children’s bedtimes, time for homework etc.

Options – Decide how often? e.g. It could be twice a week (Thursday) and the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). The good thing about family goals is that there is no right or wrong answer.

When – Decide to start immediately this week or at the weekend. For example, to achieve this, mum and dad might have to leave work early one day per week to make it home in time for family dinner.

Tips for Setting Family Goals  for a Family Trip

Goal – Save towards a family vacation

Reality – The vacation costs a certain amount and it would be necessary to save an agreed amount.

Options – Determine how every member of the family is going to help towards achieving this goal. Everyone will be intentional and make an effort towards getting the funds. The options include making more money, saving money and or sacrificing certain luxuries now towards the holiday.

When – Start immediately. Some of the ways to save money could be by intentionally reducing the amount of electricity used. Secondly, the children can decide to work to earn some money. They could do this by working for a few hours over the weekend at a family friend’s office. The idea is to get everyone and the children working towards the goal together. This also helps children not feel entitled to some luxuries that they enjoy.

More Tips for Setting Family Goals

  • Every family member should participate in setting and achieving the goals.  You can get creative with younger children.
  • Don’t have too many goals at once. One or two goals at a time are advisable. Too many goals then become overwhelming and harder to achieve.
  • Set goals at any time during the year. It does not only have to be at the beginning of the year, choose anytime that works for you.
  • The goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
  • Write the goals down using a goal-setting chart or dashboard and post them in a visible place where everyone can see them regularly.
  • Schedule time on your family calendar to sit down and review how you are doing and make any changes that might be needed.

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Have fun setting goals as a family!

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