Parenting Guide to Social Media Trends
Parenting Guide to Social Media Trends
Are you struggling with your child’s online behaviour or desire to follow every trend on Social Media?

Listen as parenting coach, Yetty Williams, speaks about what parents need to know about the culture of social media trends and how it affects our children today.

It is important that children are aware of the dangers of following what social media trends suggest is okay. As a parent, rather than fight your digital natives’ desire to be online and follow trends. Learn how to teach them to self-regulate and learn to pause before they jump on a trend.

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Back to School Meal Timetable
Preparing meals everyday for children can be a challenge.

We got you covered with this #backtoschool meal timetable because getting your children to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals is not always easy.

Perhaps you struggle with ensuring your child is eating enough fruits and vegetables. To make Back to School easier, we have prepared a one month back to school meal timetable to make meal planning easier.

Just download, print out, buy your groceries a week in advance and your meals are ready! Great for back to school and the meal plan works for the whole family.

Order today to get your one month worth of meal time tables to get you through the first month of school! Ensure your children are eating healthy, nutritious and balanced meals everyday!. And to top it off…it has variety and does not include rice every day!

Order the meal time table and get a Nigerian timetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Also included is a bonus weekend meal timetable!

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