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Our recipe this week is scotch eggs; one of my favourite snacks. It is a delicacy enjoyed by a lot of Nigerians. Follow the easy steps below and share some photos with us!

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Hey guys, Tried the taco recipe yet? If you haven't then you’re on a long thing because today I have another exciting recipe to share with you *drum roll* dumdumdumdum It’s the day of the scotch egg. Scotch eggs are made of hard or soft-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage/minced meat, then coated in breadcrumbs and then deep fried. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s made with real and fresh meat. The bread crumbs are also made from scratch using whole wheat brown bread. So you know exactly what you are consuming. These scotch eggs are tasty, filling and a breath of fresh air. Ingredients Eggs Minced Meat Whole Wheat bread Flour Maggi Star Seasoning Black Pepper Paprika Garlic Salt Oil for frying Method In a clean pot, bring some water to a boil. Add in eggs and cook to your desire Season minced meat with Maggi Star seasoning, black pepper, paprika and garlic salt In a clean bowl, break eggs for molding scotch egg Scoop seasoned meat with one hand and flatten with another, then wrap it around the cooked eggs Roll egg in flour, then roll in raw egg and then cover with bread crumbs Repeat above method until all eggs are wrapped in meat and bread crumbs Fry on medium heat until golden brown and well done For the bread crumbs Toast bread until crispy (not burnt), you can use a pan on the stove if you don’t have a toaster Allow the bread to cool and then pulse in a dry blender until it becomes crumbs Enjoy 💦 I hope you all enjoyed my take over. Looking forward to seeing you all on my page @hadizaalawal and on my blog Common, hit the follow button – you know you want to 😆 #MaggiFoodChronicles #FoodChronicles

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The scotch egg recipe this week is courtesy @maggi_nigeria. For more visit our list of several foods; from easy one-pot recipes to more elaborate meals for the whole family to enjoy.

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