Should You Consider An All Girls Education For Your Daughter?

Not everyone likes the idea of an all-girls education!  Some parents worry that girls educated at an all-girls school; will not know how to communicate and interact with boys once they leave.

But the reality is that a modern, all-girls education gives girls the confidence and self-esteem to speak to anyone; including boys!

One of the big benefits of an all-girls education is that it helps to remove some of the pressures of being a teenage girl.  Today, perhaps more than ever before teenagers are under huge pressures.  Girls, in particular, are under pressure to look and act a certain way.  In an all-girls school, some of these pressures can be removed as girls are given the freedom and the space to be themselves.

This, therefore, means that girls are able to focus on their studies and on achieving the best possible exam results they can.

If you’re considering a UK school for your daughter it’s also important to remember that subjects such as Sciences and Maths are typically dominated by boys in the UK.  In an all-girls school, the reality is quite different.  With no boys, there are no boys subjects and no gender biases in terms of subject choices.  As a result, statistically, girls in the UK are 75% more likely to take Maths A level. They are two and a half times as likely to take Physics A level if they attend an all-girls school.

To find out more about the benefits of a girls school; please contact Harrogate Ladies’ College. We are one of the UK’s top schools for girls and have been educating and inspiring girls for more than 125 years.

For further enquiries email [email protected] or visit


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