Nigerian Fashion Brands That Do Not Break The Bank

All everyone can talk about is Christmas and the New Year! You might decide to celebrate yourself in a twist to this season! What if you decided to spend money on yourself and not break the bank? I like to shop and have found some great Nigerian fashion brands on one of my fav social media channels Instagram. What I like even more is that they are all ready to wear, sometimes I just want to walk into a store and pick something up or have it delivered in a few days!

african nigerian brands

Here are some fashion brands great for showing love without breaking the bank.

  1. The 5k shop

What is not to love here? everything is affordable and 5k or less!

2. IroLagos

They have changed the game when it comes to the regular “iro and buba”. I love their soft jersey like fabric.

3. AimasNg

Love their clothes, simple, fun and different!

4. Zephansandco

Their clothes look amazing and well finished!

6. GreyVelvet Stores

I love GreyVelvet because you can walk in and get various designers under the same roof. By the way you do not want to miss their sales!

7. Design For Love

They offer affordable clothes and they incorporate ankara nicely into their items.

8. Andria’s World

I just found out about them and their clothes look great, polished and corporate.

Are there some other Nigerian fashion brands that you follow or recommend?

Merry Christmas!

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