Situational Tuesday: That Ugly Baby Fat

Utibeima has been wondering for a while now about this baby fat. Is it supposed to be like this? Is she still supposed to look like this? She grabs her stomach aka ugly baby fat and turns sideways to see herself in the mirror. She sure isn’t losing the baby fat like her friends said she would.  They have all prescribed their personal remedies.

She had drunk a lot of hot pepper soup! She has also been tying her stomach, wearing high bands jeans and all the works. Maybe she just expected too much, too early? It has only been 6 months…


Sade told her that breastfeeding helps, and her baby seems to be doing a lot of that round the clock!

She has tried a combination of things. She has lost some of the baby fat but she is wondering why she is still like this. Still looking pregnant! She should, be rocking her pre-pregnancy clothes by now, shouldn’t she? She sighed.

[Tweet “Her husband has said all the right things about her new size”]

Although her husband has said all the right things. “You will soon look as good as new love”, he says once she complains. She is thankful for that at least! She can’t imagine if she was like Ebele who’s husband passes snide comments about her size and baby fat every day! [Read: Tightening tips for your belly after baby]

But seriously this is beginning to depress her…a lot! Mums are there things that really worked for you? When did you start to go back to pre-pregnancy size? Is a flat tummy possible again post baby? Or should Utibeima just give up and embrace her round middle?

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