Sponsors And Vendors At The LagosMums 7th Annual Parenting Conference- Virtual

The LagosMums 7th annual Parenting Conference will be holding on Saturday, the 10th of October 2020. 

Here are our #LagosMums2020 Sponsors and Vendors:-


maggi sponsors and vendors lagosmums

Maggi’s chef is a Sponsor at the #LagosMums2020 Conference. They are in the business of helping create delicious and nutritious meals for the Nigerian family. Check out  @maggi_nigeria and get some food inspiration. 


Organised Skills

Organised Skill is one of our SME’s Vendor at the #LagosMums2020 Conference. She is in business to help improve organizational skills. Students who are organised have the ability to work in a structured way and keep track of information. Being disorganized on the other hand achieves the opposite result. Check out organisedskills


Adorable Kids

Adorable kids is a Vendor at the #LagosMums2020 Conference. They are offer clothing, bath, feeding and other items for your baby, Toddlers and Kids clothing’s from UK and USA. Check out Adorable Kids


School Store Ng

School Store Ng is also a Vendor at the #LagosMums2020 Conference. They provide the best Educational resources for you and your Children. Check out Schoolstoreng


Amen Forever Health Care


Amen Forever Health Care is also a Vendor at the #LagosMums2020 Conference. They provide E-glasses to protect your children’s eyes while on Screen. Check out Amenforeverhealthcare


We thank all our sponsors, supporters, vendors and SME’s!


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