Things To Consider When Shopping For Baby Clothes

When it comes to shopping for your baby’s clothes, there are a couple of things to consider. There are a lot of cute and adorable baby clothes out there that are very hard to resist, however, your goal should be to fill your baby’s closet with practical newborn clothes and avoid items that could potentially make your baby uncomfortable or baby clothes that are a waste of money. You also need to consider softness, durability, and safety.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Baby Clothes

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for baby clothes:


Babies like to be comfortable. They don’t really care if they’re wearing a very expensive designer bodysuit or a simple affordable one. All that matters to them is that the outfit is comfortable. When babies are comfortable, they’re happier- which means a more peaceful house. And they sleep better- which means you do too.

Newborns Sleep A Lot

As a new mum, one of the things to consider when shopping for your baby is that newborns really do sleep a lot! Most newborn babies will sleep up to 18 hours per day!

In reality, that means the baby needs more comfortable pajamas and coveralls. Rather than too many outfits.

You’ll Get A Lot of Baby Clothes as Gifts

Baby clothes are the third most-often gifted item at baby showers. As a lot of people can’t resist the pull of tiny baby clothes. So If you want to buy new baby clothes, wait to shop until after your shower. This way you don’t waste money buying clothes or baby items that would later be given to you free!

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Be Mindful of Baby Clothes Sizes

When people say that babies grow really fast, they’re not kidding. In fact, the general rule of thumb is to double your baby’s age to determine his size – at least up until age 2.  If you try to buy baby clothes too far in advance, you’ll just be wasting your money because your baby will never get to wear half of what you bought. So don’t worry too much about shopping in advance, just ensure that your baby has all the comfortable clothes needed for the present.

While it’s true that babies grow really fast, it is possible to buy clothes for them that will fit – at least for now. Remember: when in doubt, make your purchase based on weight and height rather than age! It’s always safe to go one size bigger, except in the case of baby sleepwear.

Final Tip: Mums, the most important factor to consider when shopping for your baby is comfortability. As long as your baby is comfortable, every other detail is secondary.

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