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How To Stay Ahead Using Your Mind

How to stay ahead using your mind – Your mind is the most important tool that you will ever need to stay ahead.

I am currently reading “Why we want you to be rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki and a light bulb has come on! So it could be this simple that the way to stay ahead, to be successful in life is to learn the art of using your mind. Your mind is the most important tool you have and God gave it you free and clear of doubts. It is not really about the education, the family name and the neighbourhood you grew up – yes these certainly do not hurt but it does not appear to account for as much as we think.

Social Media and MindDonald and Robert (I feel like we are friends now) discuss that through the development of humans there has always been innovation and improvement. They spell it out in a very simple way – we already have the only tool we need to move ahead in life and that is our mind (free from God) and the second aspect is our leverage (how we use our mind).

One way to ensure that you are not a victim of global changes is to develop your mind – the greatest lever of all. Through the ages man has always invented such as fire and the spear, everyone had to learn how to make their own fire and how to use the spear to protect and kill animals for food.

Human beings have continued to learn and innovate and we see this though the use of horses – for transportation, tiling the soil and for warfare. Just as we can imagine that wealth probably increased with the ability of men to adjust to the times by learning to use horses and leverage them to plant and harvest faster, it is no different today. Further innovations brought about the automobile and airplane. History always repeats itself and human beings have always had to move ahead by learning how to use new tools and inventions of their times.

In the same vein the introduction of the radio, television, computers, the internet are all innovations which led to man upgrading his skills to stay relevant.

Man always looks for ways to make things better, to invent ways to improve the condition of man kind. So also in todays day and age all the inventions should be seen for what they are – tools to make life easier to live. The people who are “early adopters” and then work on improving their understanding by studying, learning and practising are the ones who become masters and are able to usually translate these into wealth and success.

We cannot afford to miss being on the cutting edge.

I attended a session today as part of the Social Media Week: Social Media as a Tool for Business Expansion: Twitter As a Case Study. It is clear that if anyone thought social media was somewhat of a fluke – they have a lot of catching up to do. The internet made waves when it became widely adopted. It is the same way that social media has come to change the landscape of things, you are certified as a late comer if you have a business who is not on the internet or does not have a social media presence. To start with you need at least Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before we talk YouTube, Pinterest etc. As the presenter in the session said – If you are not online, you are not in line

There is no cap on success and just as our fore-fathers had to learn how to drive a car to stay competitive, so also do we have to stay engaged and learn effective ways to use the tools and innovations of the day.

Truly the only thing that separates you from learning, exploring and upgrading is your mind! The barriers to staying ahead and relevant are much lower today. What you need is to be aware of how to stay ahead by using your mind – the greatest tool you have.

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