Summer Camp Guide 2023 LagosMums Edition

Welcome to the Summer Camp Guide 2023 LagosMums edition

Schools will soon be out for the summer and it is important for children to be engaged over the summer holiday. We are glad to see more summer camps being planned for 2023 summer! The guide this year will include both online camps and physical camps; locally and internationally.

If you are offering a Summer Camp for children this summer, you can fill out the form here or send us an email to [email protected] to advertise and get listed in the guide.

Learning should never stop, but there are several ways to engage your child throughout the summer. Whether they will be learning online or physically there is a camp for your child.

Below is the summer camp Guide 2023 LagosMums edition

Check out the options and sign your child up for one of the options available. Check daily as more camps are being listed.

Download or get a printable version of the LagosMums SUMMER CAMP GUIDE 2023




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