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how do you ensure your husband stays healthy

How Do You Ensure Your Husband Stays Healthy?

The first question should probably be; Do you make it your business to ensure your husband stays healthy? Some men don’t really consider or know that doing certain things will put their health at risk. This could be because they are too busy, they depend on their wives to help them live healthy lives or…

Today is World Health Day

The theme for World Health Day 2016 is “Beat Diabetes” – this is a worthy goal given that Diabetes is estimated to affect over 400 million people worldwide (approximately 9% of the world’s population). The prevalence of Diabetes has been rising more rapidly in low and middle-income countries such as Nigeria, and if this trend…

Protect kids Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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