How Do You Ensure Your Husband Stays Healthy?

The first question should probably be; Do you make it your business to ensure your husband stays healthy?

couple / ensure your husband stays healthy

Some men don’t really consider or know that doing certain things will put their health at risk. This could be because they are too busy, they depend on their wives to help them live healthy lives or they don’t even know the things to avoid and do to stay healthy.

A man once (lovingly) said that he couldn’t join team fitfam because after spending hours at the gym on Saturdays, which is the only day he has time, he goes back home to his wife serving him food and meat that can feed two average adults. If he doesn’t eat, she will accuse him of eating outside. His only saving grace is if their children say they want to eat with him.

Although his wife’s intention is good; every wife wants to feed her spouse well. However, the approach is questionable. You have to change your orientation on what it means to “feed your spouse well and make sure he is healthy”.

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This week is Men’s health week, and the world wide focus on men’s health is to ensure men get the support and care they need to stay healthy.

Why is there a need to observe ” Men’s health” week?

There are certain diseases peculiar to men and there are others that we think affects women the most but research has proven otherwise.

Men’s Health Week 2018 coincides with Diabetes Week. So, Men’s health forum is highlighting how men are affected – and it is not a pretty picture.

Men are more likely to get diabetes than women. They are more likely to experience complications like leg amputation and more likely to die from the condition.

A diabetes crisis is unfolding and men are the worst affected. One man in 10 now has diabetes and in middle-aged men the disease is expected to increase sharply in frequency over the next 20 years.

The plan is to raise awareness mostly amongst men and amongst professionals of the challenge many men face.

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Why should you care about your spouses health?

That is a million dollar question. If you don’t care about his health, who will? A husband and wife are one unit; whatever affects him affects you as well. This is why it is important for you to be invested in keeping him healthy. Prevention they say is better than cure.

A healthy lifestyle is not just an absence of disease, but an opportunity to enjoy and spend the rest of your life together. How long we live is important; however, the quality of life is equally important. The ability to enjoy life to it’s fullest requires investing time and effort into health maintenance and disease prevention.

Old couple / ensure your husband stays healthy

Taking care of our bodies includes scheduled maintenance and screening examinations to detect illnesses at an early stage, which increases the potential for cure and a return to health.

Learning to listen to the body’s warning signs and symptoms is the same as paying attention to the check engine light in your car. We shouldn’t ignore any.

How can you ensure your husband stays healthy?
1. Being proactive about his health is an important starting point.

Some steps are self-evident but a person may need help in taking the first step. The ability to recognize that living healthy is a life-long commitment is an important key to longevity.

In this case, communication is key. You both have to talk about what it means to be healthy and what sacrifice he’ll have to make to ensure that. What’s the point if you are doing your part but he doesn’t understand or know what it entails.

If you’re changing his diet, let him know and let him know why. (A man sure needs an explanation if you won’t be serving him proper African food with bush meat as often as you used to before).

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If he needs to exercise once in a while, he needs to know the importance. Do your research well. Thankfully, we’re in the fitfam age and most men don’t need to be convinced to make healthy lifestyle changes.

2. Nobody is perfect, and the ultimate goal is to have more good habits than bad.

Here is a checklist to promote a healthier lifestyle. Men need to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Engage in some type of physical activity every day
  • Eat a heart healthy diet
  • Maintain good control of blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.
  • Get routine medical care and physical examinations
  • Get recommended screenings for prostate and colon cancer
  • Perform routine home testicle exams
  • Avoid putting laptops or gadgets on their laps
  • Keep mentally active
  • Maintain close relationships with a circle of friends
  • Seek help if they have symptoms of depression.

How you play your part depends solely on where he needs your help. Whether it has to do with eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, going for regular checkup, maintaining good control of blood pressure, etc, he definitely needs your care and support.

You are your husbands biggest cheerleader.

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