The Most Inspirational Children Book Right Now – The Happiest Nigerian Kid

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

“The Happiest Nigerian Kid” written by Uguochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor, is an amazing book for children, young adult and parents even. It is an  amazing story that teaches values and creates awareness about ‘child entrepreneur mindset’

If what is on the book is practiced our kids will grow to become youths that will be fully independent. Youths that won’t depend fully on their certificates to earn a living, and the trend of unemployment will reduce.

Happiest Nigerian Kid

The Happiest Nigerian Kid

The Not too young to be a boss concept from the book The happiest Nigerian Kid” is not necessary the push for kids to start up a business right away, but it is a wakeup call for them to begin to develop their entrepreneur mind set as they grow. They all have skills which can fetch them fortune in future, it now depends on how much effort that was invested in the nurturing and development of that skill that will determine the level of success in future.

Parents have work to do,education is the key to success and when this concept is practiced it will be a master key. Nevertheless it is not bad if a kid starts up a business under the supervision of his parents. There are a lot of kids like that in the western world and it is not bad if it starts happening in Nigeria.

Parents should note that every child has abilities and talents that can make them attain unimaginable heights when they are grown. It is the duty of parents to watch them, and guide them to discover what their gifts and abilities are. Parents are charged with the benignant responsibility to encourage their children, and help them build on their talents and natural gifts as they grow.

They should seek to discover their children’s talent and get mentors to help them develop their talents; so that the children will be schooled and brought up to beprofessional in their respective fields.

We recommend this book for every family. Parents should read this book and guide their children, and get the book for their children.

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