The Poshly Broke Queen Mother

Our “Dear Stay-At-Home-Mum Series” contributed by Mrs Sandra Akpujiha is a lovely piece that takes you through a typical day in the life of a stay-at-home mum in Lagos. This series promises to make you laugh your worries away and  learn a few life lessons along the way.

The Poshly Broke Queen Mother

Queen Mother

Knock! Knock!

“Favour, go and open the door”

I said to my cousin.

I heard a very deep masculine voice from where I was sitting and watching

‘Married Again’ on ZeeWorld saying,

“Abeg call your aunty for us, we are the estate security people.”

I stood up immediately and rushed to the door where I saw two men scowling by the door!

“Good evening madam!”

One of them said to me.

“We have come to collect the annual security charge of 10k from each flat.”

The mention of money brought out the anger of brokeness inside of me.

“10k ke? For what na? Just my flat or for everyone in the compound?”

I asked him.

“No oh madam, it’s been like that, and oga has been paying that amount for years”

He responded.

“Anyways, oga is not around. He traveled and he will pay when he comes back.”

I retorted.

“But madam the madam!”

He tried to hail me,

“You are bigger than that na, just give us from your purse and oga will settle you when he comes back”

He teased.

“I said I don’t have it oga, my husband will pay for it when he comes back!”

I  answered angrily as I banged my door and went back to watching my ‘ZeeWorld’.

That was disturbing. I sincerely couldn’t concentrate on what I was watching anymore.

Negative thoughts were coming in in droves!

Did they really believe I didn’t have the money?

They see me while I drive past the gate in my big car all the time, listening to music from my IPhone and slaying in my dresses and makeup.

What will they think of me the next time they see me pass again?

“All these girls wey their husbands just marry put for house, carry motor give wey no get common 10k of their own”

I imagined they would say.

While I was still lost in thought, I heard another knock on the door..

I rushed to open the door myself to see if they came back again but was shocked to see it was……….??????

Stay glued for Part 2


Sandra Akpujiha is a certified Result coach and NLP practitioner, she is also the Founder of The Mommies House Facebook Group where she coaches women to rediscover their passion, have their own identity, become productive and create a balanced life of success. 

Popularly known as The Queen Mother, she is a mother to 3 amazing boys and a professional work from home mum.
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