The Poshly Broke Queen Mother Part 2

 Our “Dear Stay-At-Home-Mum Series” contributed by Mrs Sandra Akpujiha is a lovely piece that takes you through a typical day in the life of a stay-at-home mum in Lagos. This series promises to make you laugh your worries away and  learn a few life lessons along the way. You can read The Poshly Broke Queen Mother part 1 here

The Poshly Broke Queen Mother Part 2

The Poshly Broke Queen Mother Part 2

As i opened the door the second time, i was shocked to see our gate man and another man standing behind him

Me ne ya faru Barnabas (hope there is no problem) I asked in hausa language

Ba komi fa, mumtum dorti ne ya kwashe dorti din, ya zo keraba kudin she ne. (No problem at all, the garbage guy has packed the dirt and wanted to collect his money)

Na wa ne kudi she (how much is his money)

Deri biu ne(its 200 naira)

With a sigh of relief knowing it’s an amount I could handle; I smiled and walked to the room to get the money for him.

After they left, I went straight to my room to think about my life ?

I kept repeating this question in my mind”For how long will I continue like this”

For how long will I continue to be a liability to the best man God has given to me ?

For how long will I continue to be a consumer when God has given me the power to be a creator as a woman?

When will I be the proverbs 31 woman and the help meet ?

He who finds a wife, finds a good thing….., am I really a good thing?

I married early, had my 3 boys in 4 years all through CS.

Were my excuses really worth giving up the assignment God has sent me to do?

Was I not being selfish thinking life was just about me, my husband and kids without thinking about other lives connected to me I needed to save

If I was stripped off  my role as a wife and a mother, what will remain of me?

Who really am I?

What other achievements can I boast of aside being married and having kids?

What excuse will I give God for not maximizing my full potentials?

You see, when I talk about stay at home mums, I am talking from my own experiences of shame, guilt, frustrations, pains, depression and how I evolved gradually into the happy woman I am today.(I am still evolving)

If you are a stay at home mum,  currently going through a phase of giving up her dreams, and believing you can’t be productive from your  home, watch out for the weekly “Dear stay at home mom series” where I will be sharing tips and strategies on how you can be an amazing wife, a super mom and also a bosslady.


Sandra Akpujiha is a certified Result coach and NLP practitioner, she is also the Founder of The Mommies House Facebook Group where she coaches women to rediscover their passion, have their own identity, become productive and create a balanced life of success. 

Popularly known as The Queen Mother, she is a mother to 3 amazing boys and a professional work from home mum.
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