The Psychology behind making your children financially successful when they grow up

“This conversation is not for children”.  

This is perhaps one of the most popular statements that parents make when it comes to ‘financial issues’. 

In Nigeria, a lot of parents attempt to keep their children in the dark about the ups and downs of money. Not only do majority of Nigerian parents hide their financial struggles from their children, they also fail to share their financial successes. 


With that in mind, according to a BBC report, children as young as five years old have shown an increase in depression and anxiety stemming from their parents financial problems. This means that even when you’re covering their ears, they hear you loud and clear, and your actions or in actions will ultimately affect how they turn out financially. 

So here’s a 2- step approach to giving your children a mind-set that secures their financial success in the future: 
  1. Talk to your children about money: Explain the concept of budgeting, saving and investing to them.  
  2. As often as possible, invest for your children: Provide them with a Verry Merry gift certificate from FSDH Asset Management and take your time to explain how this could be very useful for them in the future. This is a great start to helping your child cultivate an investment.  

How to raise a child who can be an investor

Feel like you don’t have the funds? Here’s a handy trick for you: Take the monetary gifts from aunties and uncles, constantly going to your children during visits and special events such as  birthdays and graduation parties, and put them to work by investing in the FSDH Verry Merry Investments.   

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The future belongs to those who invest in tomorrow, today.