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How To Use Technology To Reduce Stress

It’s no more news that every single week mums have a lot on their hands. Apart from the traditional roles at home, mums find themselves with more roles than ever before. Between a demanding career, running businesses and all the extra curricular activities to manage we need help to stay effective. Here are 7 great apps that can help us organize and simplify our busy schedules as well as reduce stress.

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Productivity App
1. Keep

Keep is an app that lets you create notes and lists, set time and place reminders, and check off your completed tasks. You can put your thoughts down as they come and maintain inspiration on the go. Keep is available on




This app lets you stay organized with your daily tasks. It also helps you manage your personal goals, your family tasks, and your team’s projects in one place. is available for all devices. Get on:

                                                                           googleplay applestorenewicon


Health Apps
3. ContinuousCare


This app caters for a wide variety of concerns about your health, helping you take complete responsibility for your health. This app has a Personal Health Record where you store all your health data such as allergies, medications, etc., Your doctor is able to remotely monitor the health data you track with your personal health devices. It also allows you to ask real doctors that have access to your personal health data questions about your health concerns. It has a feature that enables you to make all your doctors work together as a team giving you an integrated view of your health. Another exciting feature of ContinousCare is the Video Consultations that enables you to schedule video consultations with your doctor when you are out of town. This app is available on

                                                                   googleplay  appstore blackberry_world_icon

4. S Health

This app lets you monitor your exercise and eating habits and sleeping patterns. S Health is available on



5. Truppr

Truppr is an app that connects you to events and people to help make regular exercise a lifestyle. It is available on





6. Organize Chores


Chorma is an app that can help you with organizing chores in your home. It’s incredibly easy and fun to use. This app takes away the burden of always coordinating who does what in the house. The app is able to sync across the devices of the members of the house so everyone knows who is responsible for a particular task and when the task ought to be done. You also don’t need to worry much about motivating the kids or your partner to do their chores, as Chorma lets you earn points for completing your chores. Chorma is available on


7.Stay Up To Date


As a digital mum you probably have Nigerian sites you visit regularly to stay up-to-date on news, get shopping offers, celebrity gist and events. Amebo brings all the information you need from various sites into one place for your convenience. So you can balance your roles and still be up-to-date. Amebo is available on

                                                           googleplay blackberry_world_icon    

Are there any other apps that you find useful?

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