Top 10 Christmas HomeMade Gifts Your Children Can Make

Christmas usually comes with giving gifts to family and friends, giving gifts does not always have to cost a lot of money. We are sharing top 10 christmas homemade gifts your children can make and give to their grandparents, friends, parents, teachers, neighbours, the less privileged there is something for everyone. Some of the best gifts are the ones that were thoughtfully made – it really is the thought that counts. Imagine grandma’s face when she gets a home made gift from Junior – it will mean so much more than another 5 yards of lace for a change. It also helps to teach children to be resourceful, creative and will keep them busy while on vacation.

1. Home-made Christmas cards – Home made cards designed with a personal touch, there is no way this can go wrong. All they need to make these are cardboard, glue, glitter, crayons and their creativity. These work for everyone including parents, teachers, grandmas, friends etc.

Homemade Card

2. Make a piece of art and craft – For some inspiration they can write Merry Christmas “Grandma”, cut out some Ankara print and use to decorate their artwork or they can draw their hands on a piece of paper, cut out the shapes and decorate.

ankara gift

3. Record christmas carols – This is a winner, they could record themselves singing some Christmas carols and an adult can help them to compile onto a CD. What can be cuter than children singing their own rendition of Christmas songs.

Merry Christmas

4. Bake some items – cake, cupcakes, cookies. No matter how the baking experiment tastes it is the thought that counts. This is the one time they should be free to decorate with sprinkles, smarties and any topping of their choice.

cupcakes with smarties

5. Decorate a little vase/ bottle – Get a new vase or even an old bottle would do, get creative and paint it, add some glitter and place a home plant in it that needs minimal maintenance.

Heap of fresh currant in vintage cup over white

6. Decorate picture frames – Get an old frame and decorate the edges with fabric, paint or glitter. Place a photographs inside and voila.

picture frame

7. Painted Christmas ornament – They could make their own ornaments for the Christmas tree. The ornaments could be made with a tennis ball or golf ball wrapped in foil, wrapping paper or other covering.

christmas ornament

8. 2019 Homemade calendars – What could be better than a 2019 homemade customized calendar. Each month can have a different theme, message, even pictures of cartoon characters. every month will be a surprise!

9. Rubber band jewellery – Everyone loves theses rainbow looms. Make them interesting with different colours and add charms. They are perfect Christmas gifts and ideal for friends and cousins.

rainbow loom

10. Pack a hamper of gently used toys, books and clothes for orphanages. It is a great way to let your children practise empathy. Choosing, packing and giving things away to those who are less fortunate goes a long way to teach them to appreciate what they do have.

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