Up To 75% Scholarships Available At Ashbourne College London

Ashbourne College is one of the top A Level colleges in London. With a beautiful location in Kensington, Ashbourne prides itself in being within close proximity to some of London’s finest attractions.

Ashbourne College

Ashbourne College has a history of recruiting students from various parts of Africa, and in the past ten years, we have had over 100 of them graduate from our college. Majority of these students have gone on to study at top UK universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and LSE.

This year, 50% of our students secured A/A* for their A Levels and more than 54% of our students were admitted into Russell Group universities and Top 25 UK universities.

The atmosphere within Ashbourne College is friendly and informal, with numerous extra-curricular activities as well as a very high academic standard. We also offer free and specialised Medical, Art, Engineering and Finance programmes that run alongside the A Levels. These well-crafted programmes offer Ashbourne’s students a pathway beyond A Levels to prestigious universities.

Ashbourne College

About the Scholarship

Applicants with competitive results / predictions in their WAESSCE or IGCSE, who have interest in studying A Levels in London, are welcome to apply for a scholarship. Ashbourne offers scholarships throughout the academic year ranging from 10-50% of the tuition fees.

*Special scholarships from 50% to 100% are also selectively available to highflying students who have interest in:

• 18-month course starting in January 2019 (16 years old and above)
• 1-year course starting in September 2019 (17 years old and above)
• Choosing Mathematics & Physics as their A level subjects

Entry requirements:

Applicants must have a range of 6A* and A IGCSE grades (or equivalent) to qualify for the 100% scholarships. Applicants with lower grades (ranging between A to B grades) will be considered for lower scholarships.

To apply, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Applications can also be made through the Ashbourne website using the contact form provided.

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