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What Growing Up Is Like

Growing – that’s something inevitable and involuntary as human beings. We’re getting older with every second that passes. There’s no escaping the fact that it just happens and it will happen. Growing means growing old and growing up. Some people say growing old is bound to happen but growing up isn’t.

Well, growing old means you’re an adult, so you will have responsibilities and you’re considered mature. Growing up means knowing how to act in different situations, and knowing how to act before any audience.

That’s the big difference between an adult and a child but it’s all one and the same because some way, somehow, they occur simultaneously.

One thing with growing up is that, in most cases, dreams may change and things may be seen differently. As a child, what you thought will be, may not be in the future. For instance, most little girls want to be princesses in the future but when they grow up, they realize that being a princess doesn’t just happen as in the fairytales. Then that becomes a story of “when I was little, I wanted to be a…”

Anyway, you should not feel pressured because you’re growing. There will be changes in your body some slower than your friends and some faster. All that truly matters is there is a “you” that everyone sees differently and likes. It’s also okay to be childlike even as you’re growing.

Growing is fun actually, regardless of the changes and experiences. It shows progress and in the end you will have our stories to share which are similar or different just like these people:







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