helicopter parents

Situational Tuesday: Are You A Helicopter Parent?

Fifebi sighed. Why was he even trying to argue this out? He wasn’t sure why. His guts like the many million times had pushed him to keep fighting it out. That voice was telling him the same thing this time around. That he only needed to win this battle once, and then possibly forever!

Dad…. Please talk to Mum, she cannot come with me to the interview, I am 22 now for goodness sake!

“Ife son”, his dad said, as he fondly called him. “You know there is not much I can say or do, your mum has made up her mind already, so please allow her to go with you this one last time. I promise I will stop her from going with you next time, Please son”. He looked at him pleading adding “Let her come with you”

“Dad, you know what happened the last time’! His dad sighed heavily…

“Okay fine let me go and have a talk with her maybe she would change her mind.

He shrugged his shoulders and walked past him.

Fifebi scowled, gritted his teeth and grumbled. He seriously wasn’t going to allow this – no way.

helicopter parents

The last time she followed him to an interview, his mum had initially waited patiently in the car. After some time she came out and started interacting with the officials while Fifebi was still standing in line. To his horror, before he knew it, his mum demanded that he be moved to the front of the line because he has to go home early.

At first, the officials thought it was okay and that he had such a caring mum, but they soon realised it was inappropriate and they got irritated. He felt like vanishing into thin air. Talk about been super embarrassed, he could hear the other kids talk and shake their heads, with smiles on their faces.

What about the time she visited him in London? He had just changed residence due to some personal issues. His mum went to the old building to ask after him, hoping to pay him a surprise visit. Apparently, no one knew him by the name she was referring to. Instead of his mom to chill, she started knocking doors in apartment one by one. By that time, he had already received a ton of text messages asking if he was okay because his mum was causing quite a scene looking for him.

Back in Nigeria now, she still would not relent. He actually thought maybe being in Lagos and seeing her everyday would make her relax. Boy was he wrong!

Yes! He suddenly exclaimed and pumped his fist in the air as he thought of an idea. Fifebi picked up his folder, ran quietly out of the house, called Sunday, the driver, told him that they were ready to go. When the driver asked for his mum, he said simply “She is not coming along today”. The look on Sunday’s face showed that of surprise, then disbelief, but then he obliged. The driver signaled to Abu the gateman to open the gate.

Then came this weird moment, Sunday and Fifebi saw “madam” run out of the house like a mad woman as the car reversed. Fifebi held his head in his hands with utter disappointment, he felt like crying. He didn’t get away after all!

Are you a helicopter parent? Always hovering over your children and watching their every move and action? Let your child hit their milestones and grow into independent adults!

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