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Why It Is Important To Write Goals Down

As I plan for A New Year I typically take stock of the outgoing year. As today is the last day of 2016, I am reviewing the past year and want to share why it is important to write goals down.

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In December 2015 I took a goal setting class at the Lanre Olusola Coaching academy and I learned the real meaning of writing down your goals and stating the steps necessary to achieve them.

One of the goals I wrote down was that I wanted to start exercising. I had finally stopped blaming #pregnancy for my extra weight and had dropped 2 dress sizes but I still wanted to be more physically fit. I knew it was not cool to go up a flight of stairs and be out of breath.

It was almost as if because I wrote down this goal it came alive! It moved from just a wish to an achievable goal.

Starting Jan 2016 I signed up first for a #bootcamp hosted by coach of life Lanre Olusola which lasted for three months. I loved how exercise made me feel so much that I continued working out with a fitness instructor after the bootcamp ended. For the first time ever, I was consistent with my exercise and have been doing it all year.

I was so pleased and surprised when my fitness trainer #MrLucky gave me a gift yesterday after class for being his most consistent and dedicated student all year! I believe in having an attitude of gratitude and so though I didn’t achieve 100% of my goals in all areas I can see that the goals I wrote down with specific steps are the ones I can boldly say I achieved more than 50%. As the year rounds up write down your goals for 2017 but first take stock of 2016.

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Go ahead and set your goals with the following steps
  1. Set Your Goal
  2. Make a plan
  3. Get to work – intentionally work your plan
  4. Stick to It
  5. Reach your goal
  6. Celebrate and reward yourself


Goal setting can never start too early and so you can involve the children. You can have a #fabulawesome New year but you must also plan for it!

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