Why Mothers Need to Take More Photos

Why mothers need to take more photos of their baby.

Mothers are the cornerstones of a typical African home. This reality sees them wear different caps in different situations for the wellbeing of the family. They are the consultants, home-makers, alarm clocks, and in some cases even the bread winners of the family. We wouldn’t want to impose but we just need you to assume one more vital role… the biographer.

When we asked Mrs Lidae Aderoju, a young mother of cute baby Tani, why she loves taking photos of her baby girl she said:

“Naturally I love taking pictures, so taking frequent pictures of my baby helps me keep up with her monthly growth and observe the significant changes in her growth each month”.

baby photograph baby photos photographer3“More so, they grow up so fast so I try to savour every moment”, she also added cracking a smile.

Mothers are their child’s first and foremost photographer. It’s so important to document every little detail in your child’s first few years because they are all grown before you know it. From the first time she crawls, the first ‘mama’ to the first few steps, you need to preserve all these moments.

“In recent times, there are different electronic gadgets we can save our memorable pictures on. However, these gadgets can break or get lost at any point, so it’s the printed pictures I can always fall back on. Printed pictures last forever if kept properly. I still have hilarious childhood pictures my mom kept safely for me, when I look back at those classic moments I just smile”

Lidae wants to replicate this experience for her own child and give her more than enough pictures to smile about in a few years’ time.

baby photo book

Parents of today are really fortunate, we can take numerous pictures of our little ones everyday with our smartphones, but where can we conveniently put our favourite pictures and share them with family & friends who come over to visit.




It’s easy for great pictures to get lost in the camera roll or completely lost with a misplaced phone. This is why prints are still a good idea. Put a collage of his first few steps in a frame or a biography of her first one year in a photobook or even just a set of prints for your favourite snapshots.baby book offer

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