Young Chefs to Battle for Position at African Young Chef 2017 in Lagos

Young Chefs to battle for position at African Young Chef 2017 in Lagos

Africa has in recent times grown in leaps and bounds, confounding several myths and evolving into a continent of reckon. One key record is the rise of several sectors which had before now not seen as much participation and exposure as expected. Sectors like Tourism and Hospitality have increasingly gained credence in the right quarters in various parts of Africa, showing significant impact on the economy even as experts say there is still huge potential.

It is why leaders in this sector are taking the stage and developing projects that spotlight the sector and its opportunities. The Culinary Academy Lagos is one of such. As a pioneer and a leader in Culinary Arts and hospitality business in Africa, Culinary Academy has created a platform for young up and coming chefs to network with colleagues in the industry and engage with senior chefs in mentoring sessions and showcase their art at its best form, for a chance to win prize money, world class equipment and internships with globally renowned leading organizations in the sector. This platform is called the African Young Chefs’ Competition and its first edition will take place in May 2017.

The Culinary Academy Lagos was set up to equip food enthusiasts and epicureans with tools that will improve their budding skills and create the optimum environment for discovering, developing and perfecting their culinary and pastry arts skills in order to play in the global hospitality space. The African Young Chef Competition 2017 is one of its global set of initiatives aimed at delivering this promise. At the event, young, aspiring and ambitious chefs within the ages 18-29 across several African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Togo and more will face off at a culinary battle in Lagos Nigeria for the crowned position African Young Chef 2017”.

Organizers say entries have already started coming in from various African countries, with several participants eagerly looking forward to the event. Key players in the Food and Beverage sector are already confirmed as sponsors, with an opportunity to execute remarkable experiential activations at the event.

Young Chefs to battle for position at African Young Chef 2017 in Lagos

Billed to hold on May 5, 2017 at the Harbour Point Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria’s radio and television favorite, best known for his works as the host of Big Brother Africa, IK Osakioduwa will host African Young Chef Competition 2017, with support from other big names supplying entertainment.


The visionary, Chef Tiyan Alile, speaking to bloggers and journalists in Lagos stated that AYCC is a very dear project for Culinary Academy ‘because it helps the academy bridge the long standing gap between average citizens who are interested in culinary and hospitality but regard it as unattainable. The Culinary Academy Lagos has broken down courses that are affordable to these enthusiasts and good meaning organizations and government can also take advantage of this by taking up sponsorships to enable young Africans actualize their passion’.

For information on registration and participation please visit the AYCC website . Further information on courses offered can be seen at

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