Buka Fushion Jollof And The Nigerian Rice Bowl

Our recipe this week is courtesy of DooneysKitchen, Dunni is a food enthusiast with the most amazing recipes. Here is the recipe for Buka fushion jollof and the Nigerian rice bowl. This is a quick recipe using leftover buka stew you have at home.

buka 1


  • Buka Stew
  • Easy Cook Rice
  • Curry Powder
  • White Pepper


First and foremost we need to show you how to make Buka Stew – You can follow this link on Dooneys Kitchen to learn how to do that

  1. Simply dilute your buka stew with enough water and beef stock to cook the quantity of rice you intend to make. Ensure that you don’t over dilute the stew, because you would still like it to have flavour.  buka 2
  2. Bring the diluted buka stew to a boil and re-season. Add the spices in teaspoonful increments. The buka stew flavour is likely to be stronger, add a little extra spices and keep tasting. You will know when you achieve the perfect balance of flavours.buka 3
  3. Wash enough rice to cook the buka stew stew stock that you now have, and add to the pot. Cover and let the rice cook till it is tender.buka 4
  4. Serve with fried plantain and garnish with some beans if you wish. buka 5

Note There are no measurement to the recipe, because the quantity of the leftover buka stew will determine how much rice you can cook.

Source: Dooneys Kitchen

Pictures: www.dooneyskitchen.com | Follow her @DonneysKitchen

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