10 Free Educational Websites For Children

10 Free Online Learning Websites For Children

Children today are growing up in an age of technology, where almost everything can be done online such as communication, shopping, and more. Most children have learnt to use gadgets such as Smartphones, IPads and Tablets to play games and interact with friends.

A major advantage of the ever-improving world of technology is that there are now websites that allow you to learn outside of a classroom. Online learning for children is fun, they get to make use of the gadgets they love, play educational games and learn new things – all in the comfort of their home.

Outlined below are 10 free online learning websites for children

  1. e-Learning: e-Learning for kids is an online website for children between the ages of 5-12. The site offers subjects such as maths, science, computer skills, language arts and others.

  2. Brainpop.com: Introduce your children to stocks and shares in a fun way. Brainpop.com offers an interactive and engaging way for children to learn about stocks and shares.

  3. Khanacademy.org: For children who are tech savvy and have an interest in computer programming, Khanacademy.org offers an online training in computer programming and coding.

  4. Coolmath.com: Make maths fun and enjoyable for your children. Coolmaths.com offers math for ages 13 and above, with explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, precalculus and more. Coolmath also offers coolmaths4kids, for children 12 years and below.

  5. MakeMeGenius.com: For children who are more science inclined, MakeMeGenius.com is filled with videos that cover a variety of subjects, such as physics for kids, photosynthesis, the nervous system, electricity and more.

  6. Starfall.com: Parents who have children who are Pre-Kindergarten up to primary 2 will find Starfall.com to be a learning environment that encourages kids to explore letters and sounds, word recognition, reading comprehension and fluency.

  7. HowStuffWorks.com: If your children are inquisitive and always ask how things come to be e.g how the sky is blue or how plants grow, then HowStuffWorks.com is the site for them. HowStuffWorks.com gives easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works.

  8. Scholastic.com: Scholastic.com is a unique educational website for kids. The site, from the publishers of educational books you find in schools, contains activities broken down by grades. There are learning activities geared towards Pre-kindergarten, all the way up to juniors in secondary school.

  9. KidsKnowIt.com: Let your children learn about animals, geography, astronomy, and plenty of other subjects on KidsKnowIt.com. Watch educational movies, listen to educational movies, play games and more.

  10. LearningGamesForKids: LearningGamesForKids.com is all about games that teach kids almost every subject you can think of. Word spelling, social studies, science, art, vocabulary and literature, that will get your kids started on a learning adventure.

Are there some other sites that you are aware of? Share with us.

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