Kiddle Offers Safe Search For Children

Kiddle offers safe search for children, a new safe search site just for children called is getting more awareness. Many parents and educators are reacting positively to this addition to the online jungle. Children can use to search for Web, Images, News and Video content. All of the results are filtered to prevent inappropriate content from being displayed. Of course, no safe search can be 100% accurate and so we still encourage parents to monitor their kids use of the internet.

Here are some of the features and benefits we like from Kiddle.Co

1) Safe search:

Most of the sites appearing in Kiddle search results are safe and appropriate for children. A filter algorithm eliminates most inappropriate results.

2) Kids-oriented results:

Kiddle returns results for each query (in the order shown):

+ Safe sites and pages written specifically for kids. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. Typically, results 1-3.

+ Safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. Typically, results 4-7.

+ Safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. Filtered by Google safe search. Typically, results 8 onwards.

3) Big thumbnails:

Most Kiddle search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan the results. Thumbnails serve as visual clues and are especially beneficial to kids as they don’t read as fast as adults.

4) Large Arial font

The font size in the Kiddle search results provides better readability for kids.

5) Privacy reportedly does not collect any personally identifiable information, and logs are deleted every 24 hours.

You can also help to improve the safety of search results by submitting sites or unsafe keywords.

Have you tried out Try it out and let us know how you find it. Remember that children still need to be supervised online and should not be left to navigate the internet alone. Parental supervision is highly recommended.

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