10 YouTube Channels Your Kids Should Follow

YouTube is the perfect go-to place for your kids to watch other kids they can connect with while simultaneously learning creative, fun and educational ideas. The videos are ideal for kid attention spans and entertainment.

With the top 10 YouTube stars grossing over $70 million in 2016, teens and tweens alike see vlogging as the new “cool”. According to statistics, a whopping 91% of teens, aged 13-17, watch videos on YouTube.

Here are some of the most highly subscribed channels by kids on YouTube. They are parent-approved and kid-friendly.

1. CookieSwirlC


Suitable for: Ages 5-8

CookieSwirlC is perfect for younger kids who need something colorful and playful to keep their attention. Full of DIY projects, toy hauls and fun food creations, CookieSwirlC is appropriate for all ages, but will capture the hearts of little ones the most.

2. Family Fun Pack


Suitable for: Ages 5-8

This family of 5 shares kid-friendly videos – with a new video every day of the week. They are easy to watch and great for long car rides or if you need to keep the little ones entertained for a few minutes. Also, they have some great playtime ideas & toy reviews that are helpful for parents and babysitters alike.

3. Evan Tube HD


Suitable for: Ages 5-8

Full of challenges between Evan and his sister, Jillian, with a dash of science, fun and action thrown in. Challenges are fun to watch and even more fun to try at home (like the Pop Tart Taste Test or Chubby Bunny Challenge

4. Kid President

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Suitable for: Ages 9-12+

Part of the Soul Pancake channel, which aims to spread uplifting messages to the YouTube world. Kid President is a role model for kids, tweens and teens alike. His messages are positive and focus on empowering kids to make good decisions, be leaders instead of followers and also goofs on adults. His videos are light-hearted with strong social messages

5. Seven Super Girls


Suitable for: Ages 9-12

An all-girl collaboration project with various tweens vlogging (a.k.a. video blogging) each day of the week. A variety of sketches and vignettes are uploaded that range from silly to funny to off-the-wall. Plus, we love seeing content made by girls for girls. This channel is part of “Seven Awesome Kids” network of channels. All content is moderated by parents.

6. Kids React

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Suitable for: Ages 9-12

Think of this as an updated version of “Kids Say The Darndest Things” with a modern twist. Kids react to a range of things like viral videos and common idioms. Kids reactions are priceless!

7. Brooklyn & Bailey


Suitable for: Ages 13-17

Twin sisters with a wholesome vibe who share hairstyle how-to videos and sister challenges. They tackle teen issues and have a good time doing it.

8. IHasCupquake


Suitable for: the artsy creative/gamer girl

Showing that gaming is not just for the boys, iHasCupquake teaches illustration, baking and diys with her fans. It also teaches graphic design skills

9. MattyBvlogs


Suitable for: Ages 13-17

MattyB shot to popularity by rapping on YouTube with his premier channel, MattyBRaps. Now, MattyB is moving towards lifestyle vlogging with his second channel, MattyBVlogs. It’s an all-ecompassing look at teen life, struggles and goofy skits. Bonus point- MattyB is endearing.

10. Jay Versace


Suitable for: Teens

On his madcap YouTube channel, he will do anything for a laugh, such as giving ridiculous advice, wearing wigs, fake crying, and even pranking his viewers. Though he’s super silly, he’s one of the most adept video editors on YouTube, and he conveys lots of humor through interesting splicing techniques.

**Note that many YouTube videos may contain mature content. Not necessarily the videos but the adverts and comments. Parental supervision and control is advised. There are also measures you can take to ensure the internet is safe for your child.

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