5 Back To School Essentials For Kids

Summer is ending soon and the back to school season is just around the corner.

It’s hard to believe we are already thinking about the kids going back to school.  Before you know it, the early morning rush will begin again and we want you to be prepared. Back to school shopping can be exciting but not without knowing the essentials. Here are some back to school essentials to help you navigate through the shopping process.


1) School bags

This is a must-have for every kid, from kindergarten to secondary school. Notebooks, stationery, and textbooks will be kept in a school bag so you should get a very durable one. Choose a bag with padded straps and a wide base for comfortably holding school books and other stationery.

There are so many sizes and styles of schoolbags. Make sure you check the size of the backpack to make sure it’s not too small or too big for your child.  Kids love fancy school bags especially the cartoon characters and the rolling bags. Make sure their school allows them before buying them.

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2) School shoes

In as much as parents would love to check the cost of a shoe, comfort and durability should take priority. Most kids would select a pair of school shoes purely based on style, but that isn’t all. You need to know that younger kids are likely to use their shoes for kicking balls and sometimes even walls and generally running around a lot, you won’t want to buy a new pair within the school year.

School shoes also need to be waterproof and have a good grip. Scuff protection is a good feature for younger kids who can’t do up their laces or buckles by themselves. They will need straps or slip-on shoes, so they can easily take them on and off.

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3) Notebooks

Notebooks back to school Lagosmums

Classrooms are filled with computers these days but it does not push away the need for notebooks. Notebooks are required for most grade levels, it’s a necessity to help students keep track of homework and study sessions.

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4) Stationeries

Stationeries back to school lagosmums

Kids can never have enough pens and pencils so it is important that you get enough. Also, it’s difficult to write without a sharpened pencil so it is important to get sharpeners, especially for colored pencils. Every kid definitely needs to color something throughout the year, right?

Younger students may need erasers, crayons, and drawing books.

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5) Lunch packs

Lunch boxes should either fit inside your backpack or can have its own pack.  A good lunch pack should also be waterproof and not leak any spilled food or drink.  Also, a lunch pack should have enough room for a water bottle and cutleries. Water bottles are essential too since It’s so important to keep your kids hydrated throughout the day.

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