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5 Tips You Need to Protect your Child’s Digital footprint

Everyone has a digital footprint if you have any online activity, and this includes our children from a young age. There are steps that children and parents can take, now, which will significantly reduce a child’s digital footprint. Below are some of the tips and key steps that you need to be aware of.

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Tips to Protect Your Child’s Digital Footprint
  1. Stop and think when you are about to share some personal information. Ask yourself, “Do I need to share this”? Teach your children that If they can’t do what they want to; like play a free game, without giving away their personal information,  it is not worth it.
  2. Look through terms and conditions to understand what data is collected. A lot of data is collected when you use social media, websites and gadgets. Many sites have disclaimers hidden at the bottom of the pages; take the time to read it before you select ” I agree”.
  3. Parents need to be careful not to post photos and videos which reveal personal information about their children online. Sometimes it is not obvious how you are exposing personal information. But actions like tagging a child at home on their birthday does give away their date of birth and home address. You could also consider turning off location on your gadgets.
  4. Change the default passwords on all the gadgets you and your children use. This includes smart speakers, internet-connected toys or other location-tracking devices.
  5. Parents need to make sure the gadgets you buy your children are genuine. In addition, watch out for security updates and install them as soon as you are prompted. You can ask organisations which information they are holding about your child and why. This includes schools, online services and retail loyalty schemes.

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