5 Ways to Best Enjoy a Weekend Staycation

Many outdoor events have been cancelled following the extension of the lock-down and as such, most families are forced to stay indoor. This is the best time to have a staycation, a weekend staycation more precisely. Basically, a staycation involves staying at home and participating in leisure activities. It is a beautiful time to bond and catch up as a family.

Here are some family friendly activities you can get involved in this weekend.

1. Have a Yard Picnic


For your staycation this weekend, try a yard picnic! Picnics are always fun and interesting to have. Fill your picnic basket with snacks and drinks that the whole family can enjoy. Since there are no outdoor activities going on during this time; a family picnic in the yard will be a great substitute. You can even turn your picnic into a mini lunch party, just have fun with it.

2. Register the Children for a Summer Camp

Lagosmums summer camp guide 2020

Schools have been out for a few months now and the children have been at home due to the ongoing pandemic. As the summer approaches, make plans to enroll your children for a summer program. It could be to learn a new skill, learn academic topics, or even to learn a foreign language.

You can also enroll yourself for an online course, free webinars, online programs, etc.

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3. Have a Pool Day


Another staycation activity you can add to your list for this weekend is a pool day. Dress up in your swim suits and have a dip in the pool. Enjoy the coolness of the water under the summer sun. Have fun, play and bond with family. This can also be a good time to teach the kids to swim if they don’t already know how. You can switch up your pool day with some music and drinks.

4. Go Gardening


Many children these days have never been on a farm and as such do not know the process of planting. Teach them to plant this summer. You can plant flowers around the house or in the garden. You can also plant garden fruits like tomatoes. Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. Plant crops that can be harvested before the summer runs out so your children gain the experience of ‘seed time and harvest time’. You can take it a step further and plant a family tree!

5. Get involved in a DIY project diy family

There are so many fun and family friendly DIY projects that you can try your hands on as a family this weekend. Try things like; building a play house, building a shelter for your pets, painting a room, making hanging garden baskets, door wreaths, and more. It will be an interesting and creative time and you will get to now how creative your children can be. Enjoy bonding as a family during your weekend staycation.

Happy weekend!

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