Government Updates on the Reopening of Schools in Nigeria

There are new updates being released with regards to the reopening of schools in Nigeria.

According to the Commissioner in a press release from Kayode Abayomi
the Head, Public Affairs Ministry of Education dated on 13th September 2020. The Honourable Commissioner for Education; Lagos State Mrs Folasade Adefisayo has announced the plans for both Public and Private Schools resumption in the State.



Mrs Adefisayo advised that school resumption will be a phased approach. This is to enable public schools to meet COVID-19 social distance rules and safety protocols in light of the ongoing pandemic. The present JSS3 and SS2 students in public schools in the state are to resume classes from Monday, 21st of September, 2020.

Furthermore, she congratulated SS 3 students who have successfully completed their WASSCE exams and urged them to stay safe even as they await their results.

Watch the address from the Lagos State Governor on school resumption in the State.

Examination Preparation

The resumption will permit the present JS 3 students, who are already in an exiting class to revise and get prepared for their forthcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). These are being organized by the Lagos State Examination Board and scheduled between Tuesday, 6th and Monday, 12th of October, 2020.

The resumption will also afford the present SS 2 students an opportunity to prepare effectively for their transition to SS 3. The scheduled dates and venues for Entrance Examination into Lagos State Model Colleges will soon be announced by the State Examination Board.

Public School Resumption Plans

As for the unopened classes in public schools, lessons will continue via various distance learning platforms. These include various online platforms, radio, television and WhatsApp. The next phase for physical resumption will be announced in due course.

Private School Resumption Plans

According to the State Government; Private Primary and Secondary Schools in the State are permitted to resume from Monday, 21st of September, 2020. However, the Government strongly recommends and encourages school owners to put safety first and open in phases.

The recommended phased opening also includes strategies for staggered resumption in the mornings; or holding classes on alternate days during the week.

Schools are also being advised to offer teaching via various distance learning methods. All Schools must also comply with safety protocols and hygiene guidelines as instructed by the State Government through the Office of Education Quality Assurance (OEQA). The Office of Education Quality Assurance will continue to monitor and evaluate Schools’ preparedness.

All pre-primary classes and schools in both public and private schools will remain closed until further announcements are made.

Considering that the pandemic is still around; safety precautions are paramount. The safety of our children, teachers, parents and our community should still be the first priority.

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Fears on Resumption

In earlier news, The Minister of Education Mallam Adamu stated one of the fears of reopening of schools. This being; the fear of exposing children to the dangers of the coronavirus. [Tweet “The Federal Government would rather Nigerian students loose an academic year and keep safe; than resume and get exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic.”]

With realities such as students’ population, inadequate classrooms, poor sanitary conditions and shortfall in the number of teaching hands. Some experts insisted that the schools are unprepared for emergencies like coronavirus.

The Fate of Nigerian Students’ Graduating Exams


The earlier confusion on whether Nigerian students would sit for their WAEC exams was understandably frustrating. Dr Mymunah Kadiri of Pinnacle Medical Services has taken to her Instagram account to express her frustrations. She expresses how the indecision of The Federal Government is frustrating for both parents and children alike. Part of her complains centre around making the WAEC exam a virtual exam that students can sit for, out of the classroom. THISDAY

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