6 Ways To Reinvent Your Living Space With Flowers

Nowadays, flowers aren’t only seen in lawns and backyards. They’re great home decors as they add color naturally, bring aroma, and are easy on the budget. Flowers also provide a plethora of health benefits that can improve the well-being of your family.

Decorating your living space with flowers can be fun but overwhelming at the same time. With the number of varieties to choose from, do you know which to pick for your living space? Do you know how to mix and match flowers? Having these questions unanswered can cause stress.

If you’re clueless on how to reinvent your living space with flowers, take note of these tips:

Coordinate Colors

Many are guilty of decorating their living spaces with too much color, thinking that this creates a bigger impact. However, this isn’t true. When it comes to home decors, less is always more.

Instead of filling your living spaces with flowers in various colors, pick one color in the room and choose a flower complementing that shade. For example, if your living space has yellow accents, use flowers such as sunflower, pansy, and begonia in the room. 

Sticking to one color palette will allow you to achieve a cohesive and polished space. Limiting your color choices will also prevent your living space from looking cluttered. 

Create An Accent Wall

Your living space is enclosed, which is why it’s important to work on your walls as well. Having blank or bare walls can make your living space feel empty and boring. 

One of the easiest ways to change your living space is to create an accent wall using flowers. An accent wall is a wall with different designs or colors from the rest of the walls in the room. Having one in your living space is an excellent way of creating a focal point. 

There are many ways to create an accent wall using flowers. You can install wall shelves and then avail of all occasions flowers delivery in NY or from your area to showcase different blooms. Availing of delivery services is a convenient way of adding a wide variety of flowers to your living space without the hassles of visiting various florists.

You can also fill an entire wall with dried flowers as your accent wall. Aside from being unique, using dried flowers adds a whimsical and romantic feel to your living space. 

Let Flowers Float

Placing flowers in vases and using them as centerpieces is common. In fact, you might have seen thousands of friends and families adapt this décor in their homes. If you’re looking for a unique centerpiece, make use of flower heads and let them float inside clear bowls or vases. 

Simply remove the flower heads from the stem, fill a bowl halfway with water, and let the flower heads float. This is an inexpensive décor that’ll surely revamp how your living space looks.

Prioritize Fragrance

Thanks to their ability to produce fragrances, you can also use flowers to make your living space smell fresh all the time. Using certain flowers as decors can transform your space into one of the most calming areas in your home. This kind of place is ideal to practice self-care routine and relax after a stressful day.

Some of the most fragrant flowers you can add to your living space are rose, lily, and freesia. Gardenia is also a great option as this flower gives off different scents during the day. The fragrance of gardenia tends to be subtle in the morning and then becomes stronger at night.

Press Fresh Flowers

Who says you can only use your favorite blooms as decors for a short period? You can preserve your favorite flowers by pressing them and then using them as decors.

Before your flowers start to wilt and die, press them in between the pages of heavy books and leave them there for at least a week. Once the flowers are fully pressed, transfer them to a clear frame and hang them on your walls. You can also add your picture to the frame and use the pressed flowers to fill in the blank spaces. 

Hang Flowers Around

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a lot of space to decorate with fresh flowers. Even if your living spaces are small and already filled with essential appliances and furniture, there’s still a way to incorporate plants. 

Instead of taking valuable floor space, add hanging plants in your living space. Supertunia petunias and dwarf lavender thrive well when hung indoors. Trailing pansies is also a great option as they grow quickly and are easy to care for.


Follow One Tip At A Time

There are numerous ways to reinvent your living space using flowers, but you don’t have to follow all of these at once. Remember, attempting to add too many design elements to your living space can only result in clutter and a tacky-looking design.

To succeed in your attempts in reinvent your living space using flowers, follow one tip at a time. This can significantly reduce your stress and ensure that you have fun decorating with flowers!

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