Mums, How do you Keep the Romance Alive?

A day before Valentine’s, we asked mums on our Instagram page how they would be spending the day; whether with hubby or with the children. Over 70 percent of the responses we got chose to spend valentines day with the children and the rest of the responses were family-centric.

We were both surprised and not so surprised at the same time. It was not so surprising because, we all know the changes that occur as soon children come into the picture, however, surprising because, one would think Valentine’s was a perfect opportunity to spend some time on romance. So, the question is do mums put romance aside as soon as the children come or are mums a little unsure on how to keep the romance alive?

Here we are sharing 5 ways to keep the romance alive in your marriage; and no, it does not mean that you are ignoring your children. However, we believe it is healthy to continue to spend quality time together after becoming parents.

5 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

  1. Watch Movies or Series Together

    I recently realized that a lot of couples do this and when they talk about it, you hear the gratification in their voices. You often hear phrases like; “I haven’t watched the latest episode and I can’t watch it without my wife/husband” with a nice smile too. It creates an activity to look forward to and be excited about. So, whether it is a movie date to catch a new release or a weekly series date to catch up on Fixer, it gives you something trivial to talk about outside everything else that makes up your lives.

  2. Indulge in Solo Days & Nights

    When you can, take the children to their grandparents’ or their cousins’ (the kids would love a chance for a sleepover anyway). You get to have the house to yourselves like old times and for a few days, you both get to focus on yourselves and relax! You should try it sometime.

  3. Give Little Surprises

    Everyone loves surprises, even you. You should do it from time to time. Quick massage after a long day, breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning after a stressful week, tickets to a show he would love. Being married should not stop all the sweet things you did when you were dating.

  4. Celebrate Important Events

    Every relationship comes with relevant dates; wedding anniversary, when he proposed, first kiss… Some people even know the dates for the first time they laid eyes on each other. If you know the dates, celebrate them as often as you can. They do not always need to be marked with gifts. A short message saying “I’m forever grateful you crossed my path 7 years ago today” goes a long way in making anyone feel special. Those are words of affirmation right there!

  5. Try Something New

    There’s a tendency to fall into patterns after being with someone for a long time, and sometimes, this could lead to boredom. Basically what we call see-finish around here! LOL. Try something new every time in every facet of your lives together as a couple, especially in the “other room”. Keep the romance alive!

So mums, there you have it! You do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day to keep the romance alive.

Now, you tell us! How do you keep the romance alive in your marriage?

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